‘This is the biggest show for me’

SAHIL UPPAL, who plays Omkar Sanyal in Colors’ Pinjara Khoobsurti Ka, tells MUSBA HASHMI about his role, how excited he was for the show and that he never felt like quitting

What is your role in Pinjara Khoobsurti Ka?

I play Omkar Sanyal, a mine owner. The show talks about his rags to riches story. He is obsessed with beauty. He can’t tolerate anything which is black even his house is painted in white. The reason being his dark childhood due to poverty. Now he wants everything beautiful in life be it anything, even his love. When he first sees Mayura, he finds her beautiful and he wants her. It was not love at first sight, but more like ‘I want her’. That’s how he is, if he wants something, he wants it by hook or by crook. He is not a negative character though. A lot of people treat him like God because of his kind nature. He never disrespects anyone. So, the character has shades of grey.

What made you say yes?

It’s been seven years since I am in this industry and never ever I felt that a project is mine during auditions. This is the first time that I was sure that this role is mine when I auditioned for it. I am a positive person but realistic as well. It’s not as if I am over-confident, but this time my gut feeling said that the role is mine. After the auditions, I have done six mock shoots, but my confidence level was intact. I got finalised just before the lockdown and we started shooting in August.

When the lockdown was announced, were you apprehensive about the project?

Yes. I was scared when will things get back to normal and we would start shooting because I was very excited about this show. It’s the biggest show for me till date. But I was happy that I had work and knew we would began shooting soon. It was not like that I have to search for work post lockdown, so I was looking forward to it and worked hard for it. I was never laid back by the halt.

How was the journey from Noida to Mumbai?

First of all, I am grateful that I got a chance to be a part of this industry and  keep working. The career graph is slow  but I believe in slow and steady always wins the race. It all started with an ad. Before that I was shy and introvert and I never thought that I would pursue acting. When I was in college, I came across this ad on radio about Pantaloons Fashion Hunt. So I enrolled myself into it. I was selected in the top 10 boys of Delhi and fortunately I won the competition. Then the competition happened pan India and I became the second runner-up. Disha Patani and Parth Samthaan were also a part of that competition and Disha emerged as the winner, while Parth became the first runner-up. Then onwards I realised that I could do something in this industry because let’s be honest almost everyone is fascinated by this industry and wants to be a hero. Moreover, my father was extremely supportive. He always encouraged me to join an acting skill. This is how I started modelling in Delhi. After six months, I got an ad offer from Mumbai and also I was told that if I want to make a career in this field then I should fly to Mumbai. So I did. In December, 2013, I was in Mumbai and got a reality check that the industry is not how it looks like from outside. Hence, in the initial days I worked hard. I gave around six auditions every day. My first show happened after around two years and since then acting became a passion.

Did you ever feel like quitting?

Not really. Because when I started to get shortlisted, I knew that I have something in me otherwise someone wouldn’t choose me in a crowd of hundred people. Even when I went for mock shoots, there were only three actors other than me. So it is a big thing in itself. I had that hope and belief that I would be getting an offer sooner or later. Also because in those two years, I had already given lots of auditions, so I had that confidence in me. But yes, it felt bad when I was shortlisted, but was not selected for a role.

Source: The Pioneer