The Good Enough Mom’s amazing Amazon finds for kids

These nifty gadgets and everyday items are sure to make every parent’s life easier

Kolkata, July 03, dmanewsdesk: Parents adore their children, but boy are they work — from the sleeplessness of the newborn phase and tantrums of toddlers to the restlessness of pre-tweens. Anything will be bought or done to get a peaceful meal or some sleep. This means our Amazon carts are always full and evolving. The courier giant delivers tonnes of products in a speedy timeframe making it my top choice for go-to’s and gimmicks. On the plus side, they always have a sale ongoing and you can grab a quick deal. There are millions of products on Amazon for moms that could make this list, but here’s a jumping-off point to help fill up your cart!

Docat handheld cleaner

Kids can be messy. Every time I see my husband or son eating a snack on the bed, I know it’ll be crumbs delight. This little plastic handheld cleaner has made my life easy. My son now cleans up after himself. It’s magic! It is a multipurpose cleaning brush that can be used on any surface, and I have successfully used it for almost a year on my sofa and bed.

Stain remover

From the first few weeks and months of spit ups to early toddler food spills, this spray actually gets stains out of clothes. I have tried it on spit up, peanut butter, mud, markers — if you use it on time, the stain doesn’t seep in and washes off pretty easily.

Storage Bins

Kids are cute, but they also have loads of stuff. Parents are constantly looking for storage solutions for all of the toys, gear and junk. Star work storage boxes are spacious, stackable and look cute. It makes organising and cleaning toys easier by assigning each bin a theme. It’s simple and effective, allowing for a quick clean up at the end of the day.

Corner protectors

Children are surprisingly fast. One second you see them peacefully playing on the mat, another second they have decided to make the entire house an obstacle course jumping from one couch to another. Transparent and soft, these corner guards reduce the likelihood of injury if children bump into them while keeping the original look of the furniture. Their small size and easy installation make them perfect for baby-proofing places.

Sound machine

Sleep is the best gift for any parent. Trust me when I say sound machines work for all of us — children or adults. This is a sound machine and night light that moms love because it grows with your baby and is super smart. It changes colours, is portable and has automatic memory. If used smartly it can help set routines from the get go.

Bed rails

If you decide to go the co-sleeping route or just want to safeguard your little ones independent time on their bed, bed rails are amazing. They are safe, effective and strong to withstand the weight. You can also wash the mesh incase of any accidents.

AirTag straps

Kids manage to wander off no matter how much we try to keep an eye on them. I would use a GPS tracker for peace of mind rather than constant surveillance — for instance at airports or when they go for classes. AirTags and its countless accessories are available on Amazon. You can use these to attach them to a backpack or simply make it a watch. The one caveat is that AirTags require another Apple device.

Kid sink faucet extender

I have a step stool for my son to reach the sink, but it is still hard for him to reach the water. These sink faucet extenders are amazing and make it easier for him to reach the water and wash his hands or brush his teeth. So worth it!

Child-safe wooden knife

I have never understood why children love the kitchen. Crawlers, walkers, runners — at all ages, they are fascinated by it. Rather than shooing them away you can start engaging them in basic activities. I got this knife for my son when he was three to keep his little fingers protected and interest him in the food he ate.

Artwork display

As parents, we are always looking for ways to display our kids’ art, right?

Their artwork deserves a special display but often ends up in a pile despite good intentions. This find was via a random ad on Instagram and made it so much easier to store and display my son’s art.

Millennials are plunging into parenthood, and it’s affecting their shopping habits and how they interact with brands. Amazon gets this. From essentials for newborns to summer playtime necessities for older ones — it’s a one stop destination. They have a plethora of tried and tested products for your needs. This list is just a compilation to make your life a little easier as a parent.

Source: my KOLKATA