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Netrack Reaching New Levels of Visibility with Partnerships and Events

Bangalore, March 13 dmanewsdesk: Events, alliances, and partnerships enhance the visibility of an organization. Netrack participates in the events to discuss the challenges companies face in managing their data center and educate the participants about the utility of the Netrack racks, which are manufactured to solve problems. 

This month Netrack and its partners created a significant impact in Guwahati. Netrack started the month on 1st February with an alliance meeting in collaboration with Sudarshan Consulting Services. The event was marked with the presence of Netrack’s regional manager – Mr.MrinalTalukdar. On the other hand, VikasMundhra was representing Sudarshan Consulting Services at the Guwahati event. The event was a grand success, with the participation of several companies and professionals from several sections of the ICT community. Apart from showcasing the products, Mr.MrinalTalukdar shared Netrack’s experience in the field and the organization’s goal to be a part of the future of technology and innovation. 

Mr.Talukdar addressed the crowd and shared his understanding of the digital shift data centers are going through worldwide. He elaborated on Netrack’s vision for next-generation data center racks. This led to an engaging conversation about the evolving process of the IT industry and its future in the next ten years. He then explained the transition of the IT industry that is visible in the current scenario from the on-premise data center to colocation data centers. He explained further that it happened due to increased work-from-home culture and a hybrid operation model. 

As a solution to each change aspect, he connected the conversation and helped the audience understand Netrack’s contribution to designing and manufacturing requirement-specific rack solutions. Finally, he spoke further about data center racks and accessories and Netrack’s Seismic Rack. He elaborated on the features and advantages of the Seismic Rack and concluded the discussion with tips to determine the right rack for a data center. 

Again, on 4th February, Netrack actively participated in the All Kerala IT Dealers Association (AKITDA). This year it occurred in the Ramavarma Club convention hall in Ernakulam. This IT exhibition and State convention catered to an audience of 25000 IT integrators. Product training and seminars on various technology-related topics were part of the convention. It offered an open platform for vendors and distributors to explore the areas of opportunity with technology and innovation. 

Netrack had a stall and a banner at the event. Here Netrack showcased the PDUs and Wall mount racks to several IT integrators. The intelligent PDU solutions designed and manufactured by Netrack have certain advantages which were displayed. It improves the utilization of power resources, equipment uptime, and capacity planning decision. This can help any organization to save power, ensure business continuity, reduce investment, and confirm a green data center. 

Netrack shared the benefits of choosing a wall-mount rack. It improves equipment and wire accessibility and enhances the efficiency of cable management and the effectiveness of cooling. Also, flexibility, durability, and security make wall mount racks ideal. Netrack also projected the importance of determining equipment height, depth, and weight before choosing a wall mount rack. 

Source: (NewsVoir)