IIT Kharagpur alumni tips for food processing policy

Kolkata December 29 dmanewsdesk: An IIT Kharagpur alumni-run think-tank, Aspiration Bengal Foundation (ABF), will discuss food-processing policy strategies for the West Bengal government at a conclave to be held on December 30. ABF will reportedly be the first alumni-centric think-tank in India to directly work with a state government on policy implementation.

“This is the first time in India, and arguably the world, that an alumni group was invited by the host state government to engage in policy formation and implementation. Alumni, in an economic sense, is a social capital. Here, the value is being converted into public good for state welfare,” said ABF trustee Partha Sarathi Banerjee.

The conclave will have five sessions on strategies to invite investments into Bengal and enhance university-industry linkages.
“While most think-tanks fulfill advisory roles, there are few which engage in implementation. The idea is to write like Shakespe-are and act like Hamlet,” said Banerjee.

Source: The Times of India