Delhi Police distributes food to 2 lakh needy people

New Delhi, Mar 31 (PTI) In a humanitarian gesture, the Delhi Police distributed food packets to nearly two lakh poor people in different parts of the city amid the coronavirus outbreak, officials said on Tuesday.

According to a senior police officer, the food delivery network established in all 15 districts of the city with the involvement of nearly 400 NGOs, RWAs and good samaritans facilitated by the police gave away food packets at more than 250 locations, feeding nearly 1,72,584 people.

He said food was distributed to over 50,000 people in Dwarka in the past three days.

A total of 17,330 poor people, including labourers, were provided prepared and raw food by the security force on Tuesday.

Similarly, food was distributed to 12,575 people on Sunday and 13,755 people on Monday, the official said.

Free food was also given to the visually-challenged at Chetan Vihar area, police said.

Meanwhile, the outer north district police served raw food material for 15 days to 2,350 poor families, and cooked food to around 60,000 people.

The food parcels included rice, dal, potataos, mustard and flour, the police added.