Top 25 Richest Heirs & Heiresses in America

June 09, dmanewsdesk: America has been around for a relatively short time compared to other countries. Despite its comparative newness, it has still managed to become the homeplace of some of the world’s most successful multinational corporations – and some of the richest celebrities in the world.

From Facebook to Hilton, Amazon to Ford, acting dynasties, and sports legend, America is practically synonymous with innovation. And because they are the best of the best, they have managed to make quite a profit. In America, it’s still common to pass down your wealth, whether it’s to your kids, your spouse, or beyond.  

Even if they’re not interested in entering the family business, they still get a healthy part of the fortune. On this list are the richest heirs and heiresses in America. Some names you’ll recognize, while others keep a low profile, choosing to be rich but not famous.

1. Brooke Shields

Net Worth: $25 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Frank Shields

Brooke Shields is an actress and former famous child model (she also did some modeling in her adulthood as well). She was born in Manhattan, and she still resides there. It was her role in the movie Pretty Baby, by Louis Malle, which got her critical acclaim.

After Paramount Pictures’ Pretty Baby, she appeared in other dramas and continued modeling. She appeared in The Blue Lagoon and Endless Love, two famous 80s films that have become cult classics through the decades. 

She was briefly married to tennis star Andre Agassi for two years, but they divorced in 1999. Since then, she has been married to Chris Hency for eighteen years. The two have two children. She is the heir to Revlon executive Frank Shields’ fortune.

2. Ariana Rockefeller

Net Worth: $2.8 billion*
Wealth Inherited From: Standard Oil

Ariana Rockefeller is a rich heiress to Standard Oil and a member of the historic, highly prominent Rockefeller dynasty. The Rockefellers date back to the early nineteenth-century when their patriarch founded Standard Oil and made billions. The family has remained wealthy, but they have also managed to be very charitable. 

Standard Oil was bought by BP, meaning another big payday for the wealthy family. Rockefeller is very interested in fashion, and she studied at Columbia University. She had an internship at the United Nations, but she decided to start her own fashion brand. Her label is very successful, and she just added a handbag line. 

Rockefeller is a major supporter of the Humane Society, and she chaired the NYBG Winter Ball. She lives in the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her husband, an entrepreneur named Matthew Bucklin.

3. Kate Hudson

Net Worth: $80 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Goldie Hawn

Kate Hudson is an Oscar-nominated actress, and daughter of Hollywood legend Goldie Hawn. Her biological father is actor Bill Hudson, and her stepfather is actor Kurt Russell. Hudson first began acting when she was eleven, appearing onstage. Her venue was the Santa Monica Playhouse. She then moved up, trying her hand at film in 1998’s Desert Blue.

She had her breakthrough in Sony’s Columbia Pictures feature Almost Famous. Her unforgettable performance as band groupie Penny Lane won her a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination. She also has appeared in Fool’s Gold, My Best Friend’s Girl and Bride Wars, among others. Hudson also has her own fashion label, Fabletics. 

While Kate has certainly made a sizable fortune of her own from her acting and business pursuits, she stands to inherit a fortune when her mother passes away. Goldie was a formidable actress herself for decades and is still a true Hollywood icon.

4. Dakota Johnson

Net Worth: $14 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Don Johnson

Dakota Johnson is an actress. Her parents are Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, two actors. She was born in Austin, Texas, and she resides in Los Angeles. She is also a model. She has been in the film industry since 2010. She is best known for her role as Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey film series.

For her Fifty Shades role, she won the People’s Choice Award and was nominated for the BAFTA Award for Rising Stars. She also appeared in SuspiriaThe Social Network, 21 Jump Street, Wounds, and The Peanut Butter Falcon, which is streaming on Amazon. She is typically cast in dramas, but for this young star, the sky’s the limit!

As the daughter of two established Hollywood personalities, Dakota has always been well-cared for and never short of a buck or two. That being said, she hasn’t always seen eye to eye with her parents. Melanie raised an eyebrow at her daughter’s choice of roles.

5. Alexander Soros

Net Worth: $20 billion*
Wealth Inherited From: George Soros (Father)

Alex Soros is the son of billionaire philanthropist and businessman George Soros. He attended NYU and Berkeley, the latter of which granted him a Ph.D. in history. He is the Open Society Foundations’ deputy chair, and he also has a successful writing career. He has published his writing in PoliticoThe GuardianThe Forward and many more.

He is also a philanthropist like his father. He has contributed to the Jewish Funds for Justice, which is an American charity helping Jewish causes. He also is on the board of Global Witness, which campaigns against human rights abuses by multinational companies in poor countries.

He also works with environmental activists, giving out major grants every year to help stop destruction of the Amazon rainforest and to improve the lives and working conditions of domestic international workers.

6. Anderson Cooper

Net Worth: $110 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Gloria Vanderbilt

Anderson Cooper was born in New York City, and he is related to the Vanderbilt family, which holds one of the largest fortunes in America. He is successful in his own right, as he is a journalist, author, and TV personality. He hosts the popular news show on CNN called Anderson Cooper 360.

He attended Yale University. Before that, he took after his fashionista mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, and he modeled for Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. He also was a child model for Harper’s Bazaar. He first started as a fact-checker for Channel One before moving up the ranks. To his current gig on AT&T’s CNN.

Not many people realize just how well-connected Anderson Cooper is, probably because of his last name. Cornelius Vanderbilt was a prominent figure in the 1800s, holding his position as the richest man in America for many years thanks to his success with shipping and railroads.

7. Amanda Hearst

Net Worth: $100 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Hearst Corporation

Amanda Hearst is an American socialite born in New York, and she is the heiress to the Hearst Corporation. She is also a model. She is involved in Friends of Finn, a charity she founded. Friends of Finn is an organization that focuses on preventing and stopping puppy mills, which treat dogs inhumanely.

Hearst works at Marie Claire, where she is the associate marketing editor. She received her education from Fordham University. Her great-grandfather was William Randolph Hearst. Her father, who was not part of the Hearst bloodline, left her mother before she was born.

Hearst is a distant and direct relative of gold tycoon George Hearst, whose ruthless business dealings in 1800s America (if a bit over-dramatized) became the central plot of HBO’s beloved series Deadwood. Nevertheless, the entire Hearst fortune can be traced back to these origins.

8. Billie Lourd

Net Worth: $25 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Carrie Fisher

Billie Lourd is an actress, and daughter of Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, who sadly passed away in 2016. Her father is Bryan Lourd, perhaps one of the biggest talent agents in Hollywood. Lourd’s roots make her the heiress to Carrie Fisher’s fortune and estate. She also happens to be the granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds, another Hollywood legend. 

Lourd currently resides in Beverly Hills and attended NYU. She has appeared in television shows such as Scream Queens and American Horror Story. She portrayed the role of Lieutenant Connix in Disney’s recent Star Wars trilogy, which has released films from 2015 to 2019. 

Billie also lost her grandmother shortly after her mother passed away. While it was a tragedy of epic proportions, Lourd inherited a tidy sum. That’s not to say that she hasn’t been working hard in the industry herself, which adds to her fortune.

9. Jake Gyllenhaal

Net Worth: $65 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Stephen Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is the son of Stephen Gyllenhaal, a famous Hollywood director. He is the brother of actress Maggie Gyllenhaal. His mother, Naomi Foner, is a screenwriter. He was born in Los Angeles, and he attended Columbia University. He started acting when he was a child, appearing in the 1991 film City Slickers.

He had his first breakthrough role in October Sky, where he played Homer Hickam. He won an Indie Award for his role as Donnie Darko in the eponymous film. He acted in the film alongside his sister Maggie. He also has appeared in Comcast’s Focus Features movie Brokeback Mountain, receiving critical acclaim.

Stephen Gyllenhaal amassed his fortune by directing movies like Family of Spies and Waterland, as well as several different TV shows including The Mentalist and Blue Bloods. His connections in the industry certainly didn’t hurt Jake’s career.

10. Carly Simon

Net Worth: $65 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Richard L. Simon

Carly Simon is a singer-songwriter and a published children’s book author. She became famous in the 1970s with her records. She has had thirteen Top 40 hits in the U.S. Carly Simon started out as part of a duet, The Simon Sisters, before trying her hand at a solo career. Her first album, Carly Simon, took off, and she received a Grammy for her work.

She is the daughter of Richard Simon, who co-founded the book company now owned by ViacomCBS, Simon & Schuster. He was also a classical pianist, sparking his daughter’s interest in music. She was also briefly married to James Taylor.

At the age of 75, Carly is reportedly worth a staggering $65 million. Not only is she a talented songstress, but Simon has also starred in a handful of movies over the years. In 1985 she had a famous cameo in John Travolta’s Perfect.

11. Nicky Hilton

Net Worth: $20 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Hilton Hotels

Nicky Hilton is an heiress, fashion designer, and businesswoman. She is the sister to Paris Hilton, and she is also an heiress to the Hilton Hotels fortune. She was born in New York City and attended Convent of the Sacred Heart. She is married to James Rothschild, an heir to the Rothschild fortune.

Nicky Hilton has also worked as a model. It was her fashion design business that really took off. She has a line of handbags called Nicholai, and she also has handbag lines for eLuxe and Samantha Thavasa. Her lines have appeared during New York Fashion Week.

Most recently, she worked with Tolani, a baggage company. She designed a “Mommy and Me” capsule. She launched the collection in 2017 and 2019, while the bags actually hit the stores in 2018 and, upcoming, in 2020. Nicky hasn’t used her fortune as an excuse to slack.

12. Chevy Chase

Net Worth: $50 million*
Wealth Inherited From: The Crane Company

Chevy Chase is a comedian, writer, and actor who was born in Manhattan. His real first (and middle) name is Cornelius Crane. He was born to a Manhattan book editor and magazine writer, Edward Tinsley Chase. His mother was a concert pianist, and she was the heir to The Crane Company because she was adopted by Cornelius Vanderbilt, her stepfather.

Chevy’s nickname, Chevy, was given to him by his grandmother. He was nicknamed after “The Ballad of Chevy Chase,” a medieval English song. He is famous for his appearances on Comcast’s NBC hit Saturday Night Live, as well as his many comedic movies like Caddyshack and Fletch

Thanks to his familial connections and his hard work in the ‘70s and ‘80s, Chevy Chase is worth around $50 million. While he’s slipped off the radar and doesn’t appear on our screens as much as he used to, Chevy is still an American icon.

13. Olivia Wilde

Net Worth: $20 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Andrew Cockburn

Olivia Wilde is an actress, heiress, and activist who was born in NYC and attended the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland. She has also directed a film, Booksmart, which was released at the end of May 2019 (May 24th, to be exact).

Wilde got her start in television. She was on the Fox’s popular medical series, House, from 2007 to 2012. She played Dr. Hadley (AKA “Thirteen”). She’s also had roles in films, including Conversations with Other WomenTron: LegacyButterThe Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The Lazarus Effect, Rush and more.

While her film career took off back in 2005, the bulk of Wilde’s wealth actually comes from her father, journalist Andrew Cockburn, whose million-dollar fortune gave the young actress a significant safety net during her early years in Hollywood.

14. Balthazar Getty

Net Worth: $200 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Getty Oil

Balthazar Getty (whose first name is actually Paul) is the heir to the Getty Oil fortune. He is also a musician and producer. He produces the music for The Wow, a rap duo, and he is part of the band Ringside. He also was an actor in his childhood. 

He played Ralph in Lord of the Flies, a cult classic about a bunch of morally-questionable boys stranded on an island. In TV he also played Thomas Grace on Disney’s ABC show, Alias. But our personal favorite performance is most definitely his bizarre auto mechanic in David Lynch’s hypnotic film Lost Highway

Getty also appeared in films as a teen icon, acting in Natural Born Killers, White Squall, Big City Blues, Ladder 49 and more. He is also a philanthropist. He is part of The Lunchbox Fund, which provides food to impoverished children in Africa.

15. Lydia Hearst-Shaw

Net Worth: $28 billion*
Wealth Inherited From: William Randolph Hearst

Lydia Hearst Shaw is an heiress, blogger, and model. Her mother was the infamous, aforementioned Patty Hearst, whose tragic kidnapping forever impacted the family. She was born in Connecticut, and she attended Sacred Heart University. Her modeling agency is Radius Entertainment, while the APA is her theatre agent.

She is married to podcaster and comedian Chris Hardwick. Hearst-Shaw is also an acclaimed runway model both nationally and abroad. She’s appeared in shows for clients including Fendi, Chanelle, Nicole Miller, Jeremy Scott (a Moschino spinoff), Rebecca Taylor, and more.

She has also appeared in million-dollar advertising campaigns modeling for Prada, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, G-III’s DKNY, NARS Cosmetics, and more cosmetic and fashion companies. Hearst-Shaw also designed her own line of handbags for Puma French 77.

16. Scarlett Johansson

Net Worth: $140 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Karsten Olaf Johansson and Melanie Sloan

While Scarlett Johansson’s undeniable talents are solidly self-earned, Hollywood’s biggest starlet certainly got a leg up thanks to her parents: one is a successful Danish architect, and the other is a film producer. This foot in the door surely helped Johansson traverse the murky world of Hollywood.

But traverse she did. Today, Johansson has a string of hit films both big and small to her name. She’s been in huge tentpole flicks like Disney’s The Avengers, as well as small arthouse fare like Ghost WorldLost in Translation and Under the Skin

The 35-year-old star has an incredible net worth of $140 million, but she’s earned her keep over the years. The action roles she has taken on over the last decade have required serious dedication and hard work, none of which comes easy. 

17. Shannon LaNier

Net Worth: $1-$5 million*
Wealth Inherited From: 
The Jefferson Family

Thomas Jefferson is one of the most prominent founding fathers, but he had some skeletons in the closet. Jefferson reportedly fathered six kids with Sally Jennings, a slave. Interestingly, Houston TV anchor Shannon LaNier is the sixth great-grandson of Jefferson himself. 

While he may not be the richest heir in existence in monetary terms, his past is steeped in history – money just can’t buy those types of connections. Shannon has been quite open about embracing his genetic history and has spoken about it on many occasions.

18. Kyra Sedgwick

Net Worth: $16 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Robert Sedgwick

Golden Globe award-winning actress Kyra Sedgwick is a familiar face to TV and film fans alike. But you may not realize that the starlet was actually a born millionaire – she’s the daughter of successful venture capitalist Henry Dwight Sedgwick V.

Sedgwick made a name for herself as a teenager, landing a role on Another World when she was still just 16. This led to film roles in movies like PhenomenonSingles and Heart and Souls. She also co-starred alongside Tom Cruise in the Oscar-nominated Vietnam War film Born on the Fourth of July, distributed by Comcast’s Universal Pictures. 

Most famously, Sedgwick starred for many seasons on the hit TNT series The Closer. The role scored Segwick her highest critical praise, including multiple Golden Globe and SAG award nominations. The actress is also married to fellow Hollywood icon, Kevin Bacon.

19. The Kennedy Family

Net Worth: $1.2 billion*
Wealth Inherited From: Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.

The Kennedy Family has long been a political dynasty in America. Though the family has often been struck by tragedy, they have remained prominent in the States. The Kennedys earned their wealth from Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., a Boston native who made a fortune investing in the stock market, commodities, real estate, and other business industries.

Notable members of the Kennedy family include John F. Kennedy, the former President of the U.S. and his brother, Bobby, the former U.S. Attorney General. The Kennedy family, according to Forbes, has a net worth of $1.2 billion as of the year 2016.

20. Eve Jobs

Net Worth: $2 Billion*
Wealth Inherited From: Steve Jobs

Ironically, the mostly-unknown daughter of Steve Jobs and Lauren Powell-Jobs is currently a student at Stanford – the exact same campus where her parents met those many years ago. Little is known about Eve Jobs other than her conquest as a champion equestrian – and that she’s an heiress to Jobs’ $20 billion empire.

These days the heiress stays mostly out of the spotlight, even limiting her social media presence to the bare minimum. But she has been a vocal champion of her late father’s philosophical outlook on life, even going so far as posting quotes from her father on Instagram.

21. Paris Hilton

Net Worth: $300 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Hilton Hotels Corporation

Paris Hilton is one of America’s most well-known celebrities. She was born in New York City, and she is the heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune. Hilton is a popular brand of hotels, and that has given Paris quite a head start in business.

However, she isn’t just an heiress; she is also a businesswoman in her own right. She has started several perfume lines, and her brand alone has brought in three billion dollars. She also has started other brands and brand locations, opening Paris Hilton Stores.

These stores, which operate worldwide, have brought in millions in annual revenues, along with profits from her Paris Hilton Beach Club Resort. This Philippines-based destination has brought in $10 million dollars per year alone. She also is paid to appear at events, raking in up to $300K per appearance.

22. Tinsley Mortimer

Net Worth: $28 million*
Wealth Inherited From: George Riley Mercer

Tinsley Mortimer is an heiress, socialite, and reality television personality. She has also modeled. Her father, George Mercer, was an extremely wealthy real estate developer and investor, while her mother, Dale, was an interior designer. The other business lineage in her family was her grandfather, George, who founded the Mercer Rug company in 1936.

She attended Columbia University, where she achieved a BA in history. She also volunteered at Habitat for Humanity briefly before her acceptance into the prestigious university.

Her other career included working as a beauty assistant for Vogue. She also was a beauty ambassador for Christian Dior, and she even had her own lip gloss: “Tinsley Pink.” She has  appeared on High Society, a reality show about her and other rich housewives

23. Clare Bronfman

Net Worth: $500 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Seagram’s

Clare Bronfman is the heiress to the Seagram Liquor fortune. The business was eventually sold to Coca-Cola. Her father was Edgar Bronfman, Sr., who founded Seagram. She also has had a lively equestrian career. She was born in New York, and she began her career in equestrianism when she was seventeen.

She started competing at a high level when she was twenty. She has won several equestrian competitions, such as the Grand Prix and Samsung Nations Cup. She has won the Grand Prix twice, so she wasn’t a novice and just playing around.  

Another notable member of the Bronfman family, who made their generational wealth through the Coca-Cola deal, is the rapper MIA. The Sri Lankan and British musician and activist met Benjamin Bronfman in Brooklyn in the early 2000s, and the two were quickly engaged.

24. Patty Hearst

Net Worth: $28 billion*
Wealth Inherited From: William Randolph Hearst

Patty Hearst is the granddaughter of tycoon William Randolph Hearst. She was born in San Francisco and attended the University of California. She is both an author and an actress. Her best-selling memoir, Every Secret Thing, is nothing short of an exciting read.

Hearst famously appeared on numerous TV shows and in feature films. Typically, she was cast as a version of herself representing the mighty Hearst family lineage. Few know that Hearst also has an award-winning family of dogs, who have competed (and often won) numerous Kennel Club Dog Shows over the years.

Hearst went on to work in the media, releasing a memoir and appearing in shows like The CW’s Veronica Mars. Another descendant of gold tycoon (and Deadwood villain) George Hearst, Patty’s wealth can be traced back centuries to the earliest days of American history.

25. Victoria Mars

Net Worth: $6.6 billion*
Wealth Inherited From: Mars, Inc.

Victoria Mars is a fourth-generation offspring of the wealthy Mars family. She attended Yale University, where she received her BA, as well as The Wharton School, where she received her MBA. Her relatives, four generations ago, started the candy empire Mars, Inc.

Mars., which has attracted mega- investors like Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett, rakes in tens of billions per year. Victoria’s first job was in France, where she was a brand manager for Milky Way, a chocolate bar subsidiary of the company. She was then the export manager for Milky Way.

She worked her way up in the company, serving on the board of directors. She also launched Livelihood Funds, which helps promote sustainable resources in Africa for agribusiness. She owns 8% of Mars, which is a huge stake considering the company remains privately-owned to this day.    

26. Dylan Lauren

Net Worth: $4 billion*
Wealth Inherited From: Ralph Lauren

Dylan Lauren is both an heiress and an entrepreneur in her own right. She was born in New York City, and her father is the founder of the major fashion label Ralph Lauren. Dylan’s older siblings (two of them) are also successful, with her one brother being a businessman and the other a film producer.

Dylan owns Dylan’s Candy Bar, which is the world’s largest candy store. Dylan started the venture after she was inspired by the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She has been in business for eighteen years, following in Ralph Lauren’s footsteps. 

Lauren was nominated as one of the “Most Stylish New Yorkers” in 2007 by the magazine US Weekly. She married her husband Paul in 2011. The two have twins, Cooper and Kingsley, and they just turned three. Dylan Lauren stands to inherit a whopping $4 billion when the business passes to her.

27. Teresa Heinz Kerry

Net Worth: $750 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Heinz Ketchup

Teresa Heinz is a businesswoman and the widow of ketchup heir John Heinz. She was born in Portugal, and currently holds dual citizenship in America and Portugal. She is known to reside in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania. 

Teresa Heinz is the heir to the Heinz Ketchup fortune thanks to her late husband, John Heinz. After he passed, he left his wealth and leadership duties to her.  She currently chairs Heinz’s charities, and is a frequent donor to social and environmental charities. She has received honorary doctorates from many different universities. 

She founded the charity Second Nature, which helps bring sustainability and environmental consciousness to college campuses. She also founded the awards program The Heinz Awards, which celebrates contributions to the environment and ecology – as if she wasn’t busy enough! 

28. Cindy McCain

Net Worth: $200 million*
Wealth Inherited From: Hensley & Co.

Cindy McCain is a businesswoman who was born in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the heiress to the massive Hensley & Co. fortune. She was educated at the University of Southern California, where she received both her B.A. and M.A. Hensley & Co. is a beer distribution company. She didn’t work there initially, choosing instead to become a special education teacher.

McCain became the chair of Hensley after her father’s death. She is also a philanthropist, serving on boards for foreign aid. McCain continues to donate to charitable causes across the United States to this day. Always nice to see someone of means giving back to those who need it most.

29. Susan Alice Buffett

Net Worth: $3 billion*
Wealth Inherited From: Warren Buffett

Susan Alice Buffett is the daughter of investing tycoon Warren Buffett, who owns the investment firm Berkshire Hathaway (which in turn is the majority shareholder of multiple businesses). Susan Alice Buffett made her wealth through her ownership of shares in Buffett’s investment firm, and these shares have ended up being several billion dollars’ worth.

Buffet is also a philanthropist. She operates the Sherwood Foundation, which provides grants that help children from lower-income households. The grants go to education, social justice, human services, and more worthy causes. She is also on the board of Girls, Inc. and the Buffett Foundation, as well as the Buffett Early Childhood Institute. She has especially directed her focus towards combating the AIDS crisis and helping African development.  

30. Whitney Kroenke Burditt

Net Worth: $2.6 billion*
Wealth Inherited From: Sam Walton (Walmart)

Whitney Kroenke Burditt was born in Los Angeles. She is the heiress to the Walmart fortune, and her grandfather is Walmart founding partner James Walton, who helped start the mega-retail store. She is the daughter of Ann Walton and Stan Kroenke. She was born in Los Angeles and attended Northwestern.

Kroenke Burditt is currently a film producer who resides in Hollywood. She is very charitable, founding the Playing for Change charity, which helps build schools for music and the arts across the world, particularly in low-income and poverty-stricken locations. She is the executive director.

31. Anne Hearst

Net Worth: $28 billion*
Wealth Inherited From: William Randolph Hearst

Anne Hearst is a socialite and philanthropist. Her grandfather is William Hearst, who was the founder of the Hearst Corporation, a media conglomerate. Her father, Randolph, was at one point the president of The San Francisco Examiner. She is his daughter with his first wife. Her sister, Patty, was kidnapped by members of the Symbionese Liberation Army in 1974.

She currently is the director of the charitable organization called The Princess Grace Foundation. She is on the board for Hearst Castle Preservation, which helps preserve historical landmarks, and she helped found the Rita Hayworth Gala’s Steering Committee. She has been married three times. Her third husband, Jay McInereny, and she have been together since 2006. McInereney is a novelist and screenwriter who attended Williams College.

32. Jodie Foster

Net Worth: $100 Million*
Wealth Inherited From: Lucius Fisher Foster III

Jodie Foster is well known for roles in everything from Silence of The Lambs to the original Freaky Friday. The celebrated actress got her big-screen start in the movie Taxi Driver when she was only 12-years-old, playing an extremely difficult part. 

The Hollywood icon made a large fortune all by herself, but what many don’t know is that she stood to inherit a lot of money from her father, Lucius Fisher Foster III, who was a member of a very wealthy Chicago family, with descendants going back to the Mayflower. 

Source: Investing.com