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Khichuri, Kuler Chutney, Jora Ilish and Gota Seddho — what’s on the menu of a festive feast for Saraswati Puja

‘Pet pujo’ is a important aspect for every Bengali festival, and it comes with its own set of unique rituals and customs

Kolkata, February 14, dmanewsdesk: Saraswati Puja and its associated rituals hold a special place in the hearts of Bengalis, who love to celebrate baro mashe tero parbon. Each festival is marked by its unique culinary traditions and Bangalis take pride in their rich cultural heritage, especially when it comes to food — Saraswati Puja is no exception. Celebrations seem incomplete without the quintessential bhog’er khichuri, which is the highlight of the festival. Another item that immediately comes to our mind is Indian jujube or kul as we call it. Topa kuler chutney is a must with khichuri along with beguniphulkopir tarkari or labra (mixed vegetables), papad and payesh.

The chutney, typically made with topa kul and tomato, has a unique slimy texture that can be a ‘love it or hate it’ experience. Topa kul is also enjoyed as a makha, although not as part of the puja, with a generous drizzle of mustard oil, along with salt, sugar and green chillies.

In household pujas, the menu often includes ghee-e bhaja luchi (luchi fried in ghee) as an addition. The payesh is usually sweetened with gur. You may also have panch bhaja (five types of fries) instead of beguni.

Source: my KOLKATA