Md Rafi’s Singing Marathon Strikes a High Note, While Other Remarkable Records Set Across India

New Delhi, May 18 dmanewsdesk: Records have always been an integral part of the human narrative. They serve as a repository of our collective memory and offer insights into the past, present, and future of human talent and prowess. 

The amazing feats listed here from India Book of Records prove that human capability is what meets the eye and much more. Meet the fire whizards checking LPG connections at a sonic pace at Adani ports making and keeping them safe, the power of faith which led to the creation of the tallest pole bearing a religious flag or catching a drift of the thinnest gold coin. Get a closer look at the stories of doctors pledging for human health, people coming together to enhance awareness, facilities or just speaking their minds!

If you are fascinated by records and their significance, then you are in for a treat. So, if you are interested in learning more about the incredible feats achieved by humans, grab a cup of coffee and settle in for an exciting read. 

The Kolkata movie buff
Debanjan Seal collected the most movie theatre tickets in Kolkata, with 91 tickets from Metro, Globe, Paradise, Elite, Roxy, and Jaya. He confirmed this record on April 6, 2023. His collection of movie theatre tickets is not only an impressive achievement, but also a testament to his love for cinema and dedication to collecting.

Rafi-nite singing marathon strikes a high note
The air was filled with melodies as a group of talented singers gathered to celebrate the 98th birthday of the legendary Indian playback singer, Md Rafi. Led by D.S. Rajpurkar, the singers set out to achieve a remarkable feat, for the non-stop singing marathon of Md Rafi’s songs. The venue was the beautiful Amarai Resort in Alibaug, Maharashtra, where the singers sang for 24 hours straight, starting from 11 am on December 23rd, until 11 am the next day. The purpose of this impressive feat was to pay tribute to the late singer and showcase his timeless songs that continue to inspire generations of music lovers.

Digging this Gold, everyone’s treasure

Believing that Gold is for everyone and making everyone owning a piece of treasure, a reality led Augmont Goldtech Pvt. Ltd. of Mumbai into creating the thinnest gold coin setting the India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records. Measuring less than 1mm, the 24Karat – 999 pure hallmarked gold coin had a weight of 100mg and a diameter of 2.2cm and it helped Augmont Goldtech secure a prized place in the India book of Records. Their gold coin is a marvel of precision and craftsmanship, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

A tribute to faith 

Upadhayay Muni Shri Gupti Sagar Ji’s record-breaking flagpole is a stunning tribute to the Jain faith and a symbol of pride for the people of Ganaur, Sonipat, Haryana. The tallest flagpole (108 feet) with a Jain religious flag was set up at the Gupti Dham Atishaya Shetra Digamber Jain Mandir, on January 20, 2023. Flying high in the sky, this flag with the tallest pole has made its place secure in the India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records.

Food for thought by the Toastmasters club

Virudhunagar Toastmasters Club set the record for the most speakers participating in a speech marathon in Virudhnagar, Tamil Nadu. A total of 446 speakers assembled and gave non-stop speeches for 26 hrs and on various topics starting at 9:00 PM on January 30, 2023 and ending on January 31, 2023 at 10:00 AM. The marathon included speeches from numerous participants showcasing the power of public speaking and the courage of all participants to share their stories and ideas with the world.

Safety first at Adani Ports 

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd – Fire Services set a remarkable record for the most LPG connection fire safety inspections for homemakers. An unbelievable 652 LPG connections were inspected within 151-man hours (on an average 14 Minute per Gas connection). 14 brave hearts from Fire Services (Employees & associate staff) were involved in this activity covering the township of Adani ports and special Economic Zone Ltd. Fire safety inspections are a crucial step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of homemakers.

Age defying courageous septuagenarians 

Twenty-four daring septuagenarians from Columbia Pacific Communities set a record-breaking feat of the longest distance relay walk by a group in Bengaluru on January 25, 2023. They performed a relay walk for 75 km which is an incredulous display of might and determination. They earned a well-deserved spot in the India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records. A heart-warming display of resilience and teamwork, inspiring people of all ages to stay active and engaged is the motto for this feat by the wonderful group of people.

Maximum units of blood collected at a single camp in 12 hours

Mission Sarvarth Sewa Foundation set the record for the most units of blood collected at a single camp in 12 hours. The foundation arranged 150 beds and 4 medical teams, eventually collecting 1835 units of blood in the camp at Maharaja Agrasen Gate, Shahdara, Delhi between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on January 22, 2023. This amazing effort got Sewa Foundation’s name earn a place in India Book of records and Asia Book of Records simultaneously. The blood donation camp was an amazing act of generosity, helping to save countless lives and making a positive impact in the community.

Virtual Poetry Program

Haven International Global Literary Platform set the record for the longest-running online poetry training and recitation program from January 1 to December 31, 2022. The program aimed to promote poetry and aesthetic aptitudes across the world for Government School students. This remarkable accomplishment by Haven International provided a platform for students to explore their creativity and appreciation for the art of poetry.

FeFCon 2022
Micro Labs Limited of Bengaluru, Karnataka got their name entered in the Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records for maximum doctors registering virtually for a national conference titled ‘FeFCon2022′. A whopping 41,813 doctors, including 9,603 paediatricians and 31,500 physicians, registered for the conference that lasted from September 26 to October 24, 2022. The discussions on fever attracted registrations from all over India, making it a grand success. This record-breaking feat showcased the power of virtual conferences in bringing together medical professionals for a common cause.

Whether you are a fan of feats of strength, speed, or sheer determination, you would have enjoyed this amazing showcase of human achievement and who knows, you may just be inspired to break a record of your own. 

Remember, the sky’s the limit, and with hard work and determination, anything is possible! 

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