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VOTEism Launches Anonymous and Encrypted Political Opinion Polling App

Hyderabad, April 28 dmanewsdesk: VOTEism, an open source project, has launched a new app aimed at bringing transparency and privacy to political opinion polls in India. VOTEism was developed by a volunteer team of experts in cybersecurity and political science who recognised the need for a secure and privacy driven platform for political opinion polling. The app’s unique encryption technology ensures that all opinion polls remain anonymous and protected even in the case of data breaches.

“We believe that political opinion polling should be transparent and private,” said Venkat Y, the team lead of VOTEism. “Our app aims to address the concerns around privacy and data protection, which are vital when it comes to political opinion polls.”

VOTEism’s apps are available on both iOS and Android devices, and users can vote anonymously. The app’s encryption tech ensures that all data remains secure, and the open-source code allows anyone to verify the app’s functionality, providing further transparency.

“Transparency is essential when it comes to political opinion polls,” said Venkat. “Our transparency statement, available at, outlines our commitment to open communication, accountability, and data protection.”

VOTEism aims to provide a trustworthy platform for political opinion polls in India, ensuring that users’ opinions are accurately represented without fear of retribution or negative consequences. The apps are free to use and available for download now at and

Source: Business Wire India