Portal Exclusive: Artificial Intelligence to change the education System

AI will integrate with human teachers and create a new world for the students where they can learn faster with better efficiency, write Riya Sil and Abhishek Roy

New Delhi September 21 dmanewsdesk: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has played a big role in the development of human society. It is practically everywhere, be it mobile check deposit, automatic car parking system, news or social media feeds and many other technologies that we interact within our day to day life. AI is now in the process of giving a new shape to the education system.

The education system in today’s unprecedented times has already witnessed a new approach of enduring education. This will get advanced with time soon as artificial intelligence will be injected into the system. It has already reached classroom settings that include smart content, smart campus, AI conversation interface, Nudge technology, predictive analysis, global learning and many more.

Growth of online education
During the past few months, online education has taken a major lead in the education system. According to a report 9.6 million Indian students will be enrolled in online courses by the end of 2021. As AI is transforming education with time, more and more students are getting enrolled into digital classes. Most of the developing country’s government are focusing on creating high quality education that may be easily accessible to rural areas by investing in AI-empowerment of online.

Facial recognition to play a vital role
According to a report China has already started to identify their students with the help of face-scanning hence removing the need of student ID card. Another interesting report is that, this scans the face of all the students in the class every 30 secs to check if students are paying attention in class or not. Hence, teachers are notified on a regular basis. However, this application of AI remains controversial as it is considered a form of surveillance.

Prevalent use of smart content
Few corporate entities are facilitating online education using artificial intelligence-enabled software interfaces through a cloud platform. In contrast to textbooks, AI education provides a smarter technique of guidance that comprises of flashcards, chapter summaries, different types of questions and many more. Online courses- smart contents are used in most of the educational institutes. This content includes customised and digital learning technique, easily accessible and interactive content, exercises, assignment and feedback. With smarter and more advanced content simulation and advance self-assessment will also be included into this technology.

Helps in finding gaps in learning technique
Getting deep into the education system, teacher have the deadline of completing the syllabus on time and also provide students with study materials. This might create a gap leading to inappropriate knowledge gain of student. The support system of artificial intelligence teaching process will be smarter and easier with 24×7 personalised programmed conversations. It will also help in individual student needs and personalised learning.

The change is ought to come
AI can never replace teacher; however, technology will always play a major role in education system in development of teaching techniques in classroom. Artificial Intelligence will integrate with human teachers and create a new world for the students where they can learn faster with better efficiency. As teachers guide students through technology, AI will light up the path.

(The writers are faculty at Adamas University)

Source: Education Times (TOI)