Android 8.1 Oreo rolling out to Essential Phone

San Francisco, March 14  Android 8.1 Oreo has officially started rolling out for Essential Phone, less than a month after the company released a beta version of the software.

“Essential is making good on a promise and rolling out an official Android 8.1 update to the PH-1…

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NASA invites citizen scientists for cloud observation challenge

Washington, March 14  Love to gaze at the clouds and admire nature’s creativity? NASA invites you to take part in a citizen science cloud observation challenge.

As a part of its GLOBE Programme — an international science and education programme beginning March 15 through April 15 — citizen scientists of all…

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Moderate Facebook use may boost happiness in autistic adults

New York, March 13 Adults with autism spectrum disorder who use Facebook in moderation tend to be happier than those who do not, finds a new study.

The study showed that Facebook in moderation may also enhance their well-being as well as act as a protective factor against co…

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NASA's acting chief Robert Lightfoot to retire in April

Washington, March 13  NASA’s acting chief Robert Lightfoot is set to retire at the end of April, even as US President Donald Trump’s permanent choice to lead the space agency remains stuck in Congress, the media reported.

Lightfoot, who started in 1989 at the Marshall Centre in Huntsville…

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Patent shows water, dust resistant Apple keyboard in making

San Francisco, March 12 An Apple patent application has surfaced that shows that the iPhone maker is developing a liquid, dust and crumb-resistant keyboard for Macbook devices.

Titled “Ingress Prevention for Keyboards”, the application describes a key mechanism that would use ‘membranes or gaskets’ to keep foreign objects from…

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