Notre Dame Paris is going to go back to its original state

The devastating fire that destroyed parts of Notre Dame Paris is a thing of history now. Going forward, the famous structure is looking to get restored to its original state, or possibly close to it. Notre Dame’s spire was deeply impacted by the fire in 2019, but its restoration process is currently underway. The spire was constructed back in 1860 and, according to the French President, travellers will be thrilled to see it go back to its original state.

It was decided after the incident that the cathedral is going to go through a five-year renovation. However, the lockdown stalled the work. After major speculations that the cathedral is going to get a swimming pool with a rooftop garden and a modern spire, it is now being said that it will go back to its original state. Hence, no modern amenities are going to be added to this historical cathedral.

Notre Dame Paris is going to go back to its original stateCredit: iStock

The French government is now looking to reopen the cathedral before the 2024 Olympics kickoff. Even though there were talks about adding modern twists through the reconstruction, that idea has now been put to bed. But time is of great importance here, as the construction is going to properly begin from 2021 due to the current Coronavirus situation.

After the fire of 2019, the government had planned to throw in $1.08bn for its reconstruction, which includes the removal of 250 tons of metal scaffolding.


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