India’s anti-corona armour  

New Delhi Apr 15: The sage, the entrepreneur and the great scientist Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy Known as “Father of Indian Chemistry”,  a well-known Indian scientist and teacher and one of the first “modern” Indian chemical researchers, the man behind ‘Hydroxychloroquine’. This drug is mitigating Corona Virus. 

Now the whole world is desperately searching for this drug. This great Indian scientist’s work is saving the world. APCR discovered the stable compound mercurous nitrite in 1896 and established Bengal Chemical and Pharmaceutical Works Ltd, India’s first pharmaceutical company in 1901.

Ray attended Albert School and in 1879. In 1882, Prafulla won a scholarship to Edinburgh University, UK and he gained his degree there in 1885. Remaining at Edinburgh to undertake research, he was awarded a D. Sc. in 1887 and the “Hope Prize” for his thesis on “Conjugated Sulphates of the Copper-Magnesium Group: A Study of Isomorphous Mixtures and Molecular Combinations”.