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Here are some tips from experts to fight COVID-19 and keep calm while working from home

Can you recall the last time you stepped out with your children happily? When did you last shop for yourself? Don’t you miss the coffee breaks with your colleagues? Well, this conversation might seem far-removed from present day reality when the world is facing a crisis. A large part of the world, which wakes up to empty streets due to COVID-19, has accepted the lockdown and empty grocery stores as a way of life.

The virus has become a social and economic threat due to its global impact. It has changed the way we eat, socialise, work, play and travel. But what is even more scary is that we have not found its cure yet. Doctors and practitioners are still in the process of researching on a vaccine for this virus. Amidst  all this crisis, there are experts who feel that following some Ayurvedic ways and building immunity can help us fight this virus.

Here are some tips from Ayurveda expert Acharya Manish and Ayurvedacharya Dr Partap Chauhan, director, Jiva Ayurveda, to fight the pandemic.

Ayurveda might prevent Coronavirus

In Ayurveda, strong digestion plays a vital role in fighting against any virus and disease. Opting for a healthier lifestyle and shifting towards organic products are important steps to fight the pandemic. Besides this, here are some  tips by Ayurveda expert, Acharya Manish:

  • As we all know, this is the time of Navratra and people are fasting. Though people usually do it because of religious reasons but fasting at least once a week is good for health. It detoxifies the body and improves the immunity.
  • During fast eat salads, vegetables, dry fruit, seeds, coconut water and herbal tea. This diet may prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Take ayurvedic herbs such as giloy, turmeric, ashwagandha, tulsi and amla. They are effective in improving the immunity.
  • Since the virus is caused  by coming in contact with infected patients, avoid that and follow hygiene guidelines like frequent handwashing and isolating oneself if there are any symptoms.
  • Avoid heavy meals, eggs, meat and fish these days.
  • Use napkins, tissue paper while sneezing and throw them in the bin after use.
  • Try not to come in contact with any animal.
  • Drink hot water, also called ushan Jal in Ayurveda. It is easily digestible and removes toxins from the body. It also helps to maintain the immunity of the body and protects it from viral infections and respiratory problems — one of the symptons of the virus.

Focus on building your immunity

You need to focus on building immunity not just to fight Coronavirus but all diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. “You must have seen that many people fall ill frequently or have cough most of the time while some rarely fall ill. This difference is because of the immune system. The ones with weak immunity frequently fall ill,” says Acharya Manish.

He adds that adding tulsi, guduchi and turmeric in diet can help in increasing the immunity of the body. Eating healthy food is the first step towards boosting immunity. One should also consume citrus fruits like oranges and grapes regularly. They have vitamin C which is believed to be effective in increasing the production of white blood cells. Broccoli also helps in increasing the immunity of the body as it contains vitamin A, C, E and a lot of fibre.

Ayurvedacharya Dr Partap Chauhan, director, Jiva Ayurveda, says that one should ditch regular tea. As we work from home, our routines have gone for a toss. To cope with work stress, we increase our caffeine doses. But it is time we replace our regular caffeine dose with an Ayurvedic tea. One can make it at home with ginger, tulsi leaves and honey. These ingredients are good for the respiratory system and immunity too. Not only this, these also give the added benefit of stress relief.

Herbs like brahmi, ashwagandha, jatamansi, sankhpuhspi, sarpgandha are also great for reducing stress.

Yoga, a necessity

“Yoga is no longer a lifestyle fad, it’s a necessity. Fix 30 minutes every morning for yoga. Composing your mind in the morning will fortify it for stress assaults all day long. Pick a calm spot in your home, like your balcony or near an open window and practice Padmasana, Shavashana and other forms,” says Dr Partap.

People have forgotten Ayurveda

It is one of the oldest systems of traditonal medicine. The ancient wisdom in this system has the potential to cure any disease. But Acharya Manish questions that why have people forgotten Ayurveda and it’s importance? Well, probably because it works slowly and people want faster results.

“In this fast-paced life people are sticking to allopathic medicines more as they give faster results. This is because it only kills the symptoms of the disease. On the other hand, Ayurveda works on the root cause. We need to focus on the fact that Ayurveda has a solution for all the diseases. It takes time but cures the diseases properly without any side effects,” adds Acharya Manish.

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