What leads to school dropouts?

New York, March 14 If your kid shows aggressive behaviour and is low on academics, he or she is more likely to drop out of high school very early, researchers say.

“The study found that the students who are dropping out have complex behavioural and academic problems,” said lead author…

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Dog therapy may help student reduce stress

Toronto, March 13 Are you too stressed out because of your academics? Try spending some time with a dog, as a new study suggests that one-on-one time spent with them may help in boosting student wellness.

According to the researchers, therapy dog sessions are becoming more popular on…

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Make your pet's life easier while travelling

New Delhi, March 12 :  While travelling with your pet, keep dog wipes, water bow, food treats and essentials handy to make the trip memorable for you and your furry friends as well, say experts.

Rashi Narang, Creative Director at Heads Up For Tails, and Amol Sharma, Founder at PetSutra, have…

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Ajay Devgn to launch his own chain of gyms

Mumbai, March 12 : Actor Ajay Devgn will soon be launching two Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gyms here.

“Yes it has been my yearning to spread awareness on the power and profundity of MMA all over our country. I will be committed to launching MMA studios across Maharashtra,” Ajay said in…

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Essential table etiquettes to know

New Delhi, March 10 Table etiquettes are always a daunting topic — whether it is a business dinner you are going for, a black-tie event that you wish to attend or a casual brunch on a day out with friends. From types of cutlery, styles of eating different cuisines — there…

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