Fly The New Normal Air India

New Delhi May 28 dmanewsdesk: India is now climbing up the left arm of the bell-shaped curve and the spread of the infection will likely accelerate in the next coming weeks. To avoid a catch-22 situation, WHO and the Center has laid down stringent sanitation and quarantine protocols to tackle the dreaded SARS COV2. Air India to support these protocols has issued guidelines in tandem with their #FlyTheNewNormal campaign.With this campaign they aim to help people save time and make passengers aware of the guidelines to be followed and are able to access all guidelines before planning their travel.

Now that the lockdown is rolling back,the probability of catching the infection increases may fold, as we all know “Prevention is better than cure”, we need to be extra cautious in our day to day errands and ablutions. We at Air India, aim to empower you with providing a holistic overview/checklist to escalate your planning or traveling process.Here are a few guidelines proactively shared under the #FlyTheNewNormal campaign,

  • All passengers have to be web checked in/pre-checked in before arriving at airport.
  • Passengers arriving at the airport should be wearing a mask at all times.
  • Passenger can enter airport D-4 hours. Baggage drop off counters open D-3 hours and counter will close D-60 minutes.
  • Elderly persons, pregnant women, and persons with health issues are advised to avoid air travel.
  • Passenger should have the Aarogya Setu app on their Mobile phone, only ‘green’ status will be allowed to enter the airport.
  • All passengers shall hand over Self Health declaration to Customer service agent at Kerbside counter.
  • Passenger to proceed with boarding pass towards Temperature check gate handled by Airport Authorities.
  • Special Handling Unit will continue to assist passengers requiring special attention as per new safety norms. Lounge access may be restricted.
  • Passengers to note that No Newspaper / magazine will be available in the aircraft.
  • Passengers without checked in baggage shall proceed directly towards the security check area of their respective flight.
  • Check in baggage to be dropped off at dedicated baggage drop off counters.
  • Claim tag of checked in baggage will not be handed over to passengers. Passengers may take photo of the baggage tag from their mobile phone.
  • Passengers to adhere to social distancing  through markings like circles, squares or tensa barriers.
  • While waiting in the Security hold area, F&B, retail outlets passengers should maintain social distancing and sanitization protocols. Chairs marked ‘Not for use’ cannot be occupied.
  • Passenger to collect safety kit (three layered mask/face shield and sanitizer) from Air India at the boarding gate and wear it before proceeding for boarding.
  • During Secondary Temperature checks at the boarding gate, symptomatic passengers will be offloaded.
  • No meal will be served on board /water bottles will be made available in galley or on seats.
  • If any passenger feels uncomfortable, fatigued or has cough, it should be brought to notice of crew.
  • On Arrival at destination Airport, passengers should clearly follow instructions for disembarking and maintain social distancing in Aerobridges, coaches, Stepladders etc.
  • While waiting for baggage around the baggage carousel, passengers are expected to stand within the marking around the baggage belt.

Let’s welcome the new normal and fight COVID-19 with not only masks and sanitizers but with a relentless will to overcome the crisis with our conscious actions.

Source: Air India