Important diagrams and tips for CBSE Class 12 Biology Board Exams

Class 12th Biology exam is scheduled to be conducted on 14th March across the Country. This subject is considered as one of the scoring subjects that can easily help you to boost your overall percentage.

As far as the consideration is scoring well in the Biology exam, students need to focus on how they present their answers with relevant diagrams and proper labelling, along with the important terminology.

Diagrams play a vital role in the Biology exam thus, wherever necessary draw appropriate diagrams to fetch more marks in the exam. However, to help you with that, we are mentioning some important diagrams that shouldn’t be missed in order to score better in the Class 12th Biology exam.

Below is the chapter-wise weightage and as it can be seen, weightage of first three chapters are more, so it would be wise to concentrate on them primarily. Topics such as Genetics and Biotechnology are interrelated, so it is essential to understand both topics completely for scoring better in the exam.

Chapter-wise Weightage of Class 12th Biology

ChaptersAssigned Marks
Genetics and Evolution18
Biology in human welfare14
Biotechnology and its human welfare10
Ecology and environmental issues14

We are mentioning the list of some important diagrams that you should definitely go through once before sitting in the exam.

● Human Reproduction
● Principles of Inheritance and Variation
● Molecular Basis of Inheritance
● Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
● Biotechnology Principles and Processes
● Organisms and Populations
● Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
● Human Health and Disease

Some Important Key Points
● Practice the above-mentioned diagrams repeatedly.
● Make sure that the diagram you draw is large enough and clear.
● Also don’t forget to properly label the important aspects of the diagram, especially the important functional parts, else your marks will be deducted.
● Use arrows and pointers for mentioning the important part of your answer, highlight the key points.

Hoping all of you perform beyond your expectations in the exam and obtain a good score for a better future.

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