Uday Bhawalkar Lights up a Sunday Morning

New Delhi  Nov 13: Aficionados of Indian Classical music were treated to mesmerizing performance of Uday Bhawalkar one of the India’s leading Dhrupad Singers  November 12th at the Akshara Theatre, New Delhi

Uday has developed his own personal style despite the strong Dagar influence in his singing. He studied under Ustad Fariduddin Dagar in Bhopal and then with Usatd Mohiuddin Dagar in Mumbai.

At his Sunday morning performance in Delhi, he started with a delightful Vibhas.  He built the concert methodically and progressed slowly, showing the glimpse of his decades of practice and then launched into full volume improvisation.His singing is fluid, gentle, and deeply inspiring. With perfect mastery he sang for over an hour, ranging from the lowest to higher notes, moving seamlessly through the alap, jod and jhala, never using a single gimmick, never loud or aggressive. His gamaks are gentle and fluid, his silences and almost inaudible notes are a fundamental element of the aesthetic pleasure his music procures. His student Prasanna on the vocals and the talented young Pratap Anand on the pakhawaj, supported him admirably, creating a perfect blend of music, adding just enough to complement the artist. The three of them showed us what a true

sense of ‘sangat’ is, each seeking only to enhance the beauty of the other’s art, never vying for space or seeking to impose their presence.

The second raag was Salagvarali Todi, a beautiful south Indian raga with echoes of the Todi Bombay Jayashree sang just a few days ago at Kamani. He sang a beautiful bandish, one of his own compositions: ‘Tu hai darbar mero peer Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya,’ taking his audience even further into the beauty of a Sunday morning, replete with devotion, grace and inspiration.

Dipayan Mazumdar Chairman Legends of India said,” The idea of organizing such intimate concerts is to create interest among the Rasikas.This Morning concert was an aural treat for the gathered music lovers.

Mazumdar further mentioned that it was encouraging to see a large group of student who certainly added to the atmosphere counting the Taal as they have been taught deeply appreciative of this artist.The audience completely emerged in the Music, not a phone rang, nor did anyone move till the end

The concept is to save ‘Morning Ragas’  from being extinct since most cultural programs are held in the evenings and there are no opportunities to project ‘Morning Ragas.’ Legends of India series of Morning Ragas have succeeded in bringing both vocal and instrumental renditions by legendary maestros and upcoming artists sharing the same platform. This ambitious project helps young musician reach a new high.

In the past noted musicians such as  Pt. Ronu Majumdar (Flute – Mumbai), Tejendra Narayan Majumdar (Sarod – Kolkata), Sunanda Sharma (Vocal – Delhi), Dr. Madam Gopal (Vocal – Delhi University) who  represented musicians from different parts of the country, promoting young talent, both established and lesser-known artists besides showcase dying instruments.

Legends of India was created by Dipayan Mazumdar about 20 years ago to promote a deeper understanding of Indian Classical music, and to give the younger generation a platform to perform.  We are pleased to mention that over the past two decades the impossible happened and the artist community – Musician, exponents of Fine Arts, Dancers, Theater personalities celebrated and yet to be celebrated- have partnered us in over a vibrant decade of splendid performances.

Legends of India will be presenting another morning concert on November 19th featuring the young Sarod player Shiraz Ali Khan, the grandson of Alladudin Khan, from Maihar Gharana and on December 10th featuring Piu Mukherjee who has featured in the last year’s Zee SA RE GA MA. Piu Mukherjee trained by Padma Vibhushan Smt. Girija Deviji for the last 18 years, this rendition shall be a tribute to Girija Devi, also at the  Akshara Theatre.

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