THE HUMOR SHOWCASE – a hinglish stand up comedy

Sun, 10 Jun 6:00PM – 7:30PM
Akshara Theatre , Delhi

– 24 Mins (Approx)
Rs 250
The Humor showcase is the flagship comedy show of Laughter Nation who have produced over 150 shows in the stand-up scene of Delhi. This version of the humor showcase is performed by three weird guys who have their life sorted out and clearly know what they want to do in their lives – not really!

The humor showcase features comedians from India who are raring to make it big in the comedy world. Listen to them, watch them before they get too viral and become difficult to chase down.

The 7th version of humor case features 3 comedians:
Anurag Srivastava – also a part-time insurance agent, and that matches his personality too!
Ashish Kawatra – Has been to Malana more than he has been to school.
Vaibhav Arora – is still searching for a girlfriend, and he might even consider taking dating classes from Vijay Mallya.

A Laugher Nation Presentation.