Startup bread making business – With craft and social development organisation

Mon, 25 Jun 10:30AM – Wed, 27 Jun 1:30PM
Rs 7500

Bread baking course is strategically designed classes that are specially designed for the students who wish to be professionals in this industry. Bread making is dedicated to increasing the skill of students to acquire required knowledge on various methods of bread baking and make delicious products from it. This is the right time to gain practical knowledge in presence of experts trainers.

This course also provides complete knowledge of the kitchen equipment, tips and tricks to decorate and gain a high level of proficiency in making bread products. This course provides certified professionals to the market who easily enter the bread making business.

  • Course Curriculum
  • Planning and Marketing session
  • Introduction to different doughs.
  • Varieties of different breads
  • Brown bread
  • Whet loaf bread
  • Sandwich bread
  • Chocó chip bread
  • Milk Bread
  • Spinach & olive bread
  • Multi grain bread
  • Focaccia (Italian Bread)
  • Garlic olive bread
  • Buns & Rolls
  • Pao buns
  • Knot buns
  • Dinner rolls
  • Chana masala buns
  • Stuffed buns

Students who completes bread making course will have benefits like understanding of the opportunities in baking industry, necessary tools, quipment, procedures, knowledge on use of creams, syrups, puddings, custards, mousse, soufflés as a decorating ingredients, hold expertise in making variety of bread products like brown bread, multigrain bread, oat bread, plain bread, cakes, etc. They will also learn about basics of cleaning, sanitary precautions, advanced bakery methods, and mathematics.  After completing bread making course, students get wide career opportunity in the various hospitality industry. They gain complete knowledge to open an own bakery shop, start baking business at home, work from home to provide bread gift products on special occasions, be a manager in bakery company, be a trainer, become a master chef, kitchen manager, bakery product decorator, etc