Soon, bring home a self-driving car

AUTONew York, April 30: Are we heading towards a future once a car, not a driver, will safely bring us home?

This seems just about not possible if we blow over the progress created by the Google self-driving cars in navigating the full town lanes in California.

“We have improved our package therefore it will find many distinct objects simultaneously – pedestrians, buses, a stop sign delayed by a traffic cop, or a bicyclist creating gestures that indicate a attainable flip,” Chris Urmson, who leads Google’s self-driving car programme, wrote in a blog post.

A self-driving vehicle pays attention to all of those things in a very method that a person’s physically cannot – and it ne’er gets tired or distracted, Urmson noted.

“As it seems, what appearance chaotic and random on a town street to the human eye is really fairly certain to a laptop,” he added.

The team at self-driving car programme at Google has designed software system models of what to expect.

Since 2011, Google has logged nearly 700,000 miles with the cars, totally on highways.
The cars have currently also logged thousands of miles on the streets of Mountain read, California.

The technology of the cars includes a optical device radar system and a laser-based vary finder that lets package produce elaborate 3-D maps of the environment, CNN reported .