Re-exams for failed Class IX students to begin this year

MUMBAI April 8 : This year on, state board schools will have to hold re-exams towards June-end for Class IX students who have failed. The state had proposed the same last year too but had to withdraw the circular after schools objected.
Students will have to appear for re-exams of only those subjects in which they have failed, stated the circular issued on Saturday. The schools have also been asked to be considerate while assessing students with disability and those with serious illnesses

Schools are, however, unhappy. “June is too late for a re-examination as Class X work begins much in advance. We have just finished our Class IX exams and Class X session begins next week. During this time, a student can make a decision whether to repeat Class IX or appear for Class X as a private candidate,” said a school head from the western suburbs.

 Teachers too aren’t happy about the extra work. “Every school will have only a handful students appearing for the re-exams but the teachers will have to prepare a whole new set of question papers,” said Rajesh Pandya, teacher, Fatima Devi High school, Malad.
In a government resolution issued by the school education department in January 2017, the state has decided to start re-examinations for failed Class IX students so that they get a second chance. However, due to lack of clarity, the plan was put on hold in April 2017. According to government’s estimates, over 1.5 lakh students failed Class IX in the state in April 2016-most of them had failed in languages, mathematics and science.

The January 2017 decision also required schools to conduct two months of an ‘accelerated learning’ programme for those who had failed in Class IX in the April exam or had scored less than 45% in October semester exams. But school heads said none of that had happened during the year because no instructions were issued by the education department. “These have all been last minute instructions and remedial teaching, which is the more important part of the programme, hasn’t been done,” said the school head.