Raza Foundation organizes a two day event 7th & 8th February at Triveni Kalasangam, Mandi House

New Delhi  FEB – 4: Raza Foundation, an arts and culture organization established in 2001 by the master of Indian modern art Late Shri Sayed Haider Raza, has been instrumental in creating spaces for various art and culture programs.

As a part of their mission, the foundation has always helped in nurturing the younger talent hence they have organized a two-day event from 7th February 2019 & 8th February 2019 at Triveni Kalasangam, Mandi House.  The event starts at 5:00 pm onwards.

The programmes include a vocal recital by Shri Bhuvanesh Konkali, Kuchupudi dance by Shri Ayana Mukherjee and Bharat Natyam by Shri Himanshu Srivastava.

 The second day comprises of Manipuri dance by Shri Konkona Singh and Odissi dance by Shri Madhur Gupta.