Proud and Prejudiced – Stand up Comedy – Garv Malik

Sat, 21 Apr 6:00PM – 7:30PM
Akshara Theatre , Delhi

– 24 Mins (Approx)
Rs 200

Pride & Predujiced Show Description


  • It is a one hour solo standup comedy show by Garv Malik
  • It contains the best of jokes he has written in his 4 years in the world of standup comedy
  • The jokes are inspired from his life, living in 3 cities, performing in 16 cities, over 300 open mics, shows, opening spots, college & corporate shows, TedX talks, guest lectures, paid and unpaid spots over live and dead audiences
  • He talks about his problems with the world, religion, marriages, dick pics & advertising; sharing his experience in the corporate and startup world. His profile glows with recommendations, be it Linkedin, Standup Comedy or Tinder
  • The show consists of Garv’s opinions and why he is PROUD of them. But because they are his opinions, he could be PREJUDICED. But the opinions are funny, nonetheless. – Garv’s Tinder Matches
  • Proceeds from this show will go to support Garv’s drinking habit ( mainly chocolate milk ), which is as good as a social cause can be.

About the artist:

  • Garv Malik is an aspiring Drug Dealer who wants to do standup comedy till he has enough money for his drug business ( basically forever).
  • He currently sells laughter, one line at a time ( with no reference to cocaine ). He was previously arrested for snorting Glucon D at a Jain Rave Party
  • He is rumoured to have written ground breaking scripts for PornHub under the pen name Pablo Chocobar. He has left behind his past to pursue a career in comedy

Bullets are intentional.