Men’s must haves for summer wedding party

New Delhi, March 22 Every man wants to look his best in parties, and especially if its a wedding party, so make sure you are following the right trend.

Sagar Suri and Surya Suri, Founders at Steele list down some tips men should look out for while getting ready for wedding

* Preference for linen: There is no other fabric like linen, which is synonymous with summers. Linen is a light, cotton fabric, which makes it a perfect fabric for summers. For a summer wedding, linen must always be your go-to fabric.

* Pastel colors: Rather than wearing bright or dark colored clothes, men must prefer wearing pastel shades like cream, turquoise, white, etc. These are light shades and do not absorb heat unlike bright and dark shades. These shades give a subtle and soothing look, even if they plan to pair it up with a blazer. White is always a man’s best friend when it comes to dressing up for a summer wedding party.

* Well-tailored suit: Men must always take care that the clothes they wear must neither be too tight nor very lose. It’s preferable for men to wear tailored suits with proper cuts.They should not be too informally dressed for a wedding party. T-shirt and jeans should be avoided for a marriage party.

* Indo-western: Indo-western clothing is very much in trend these days because of their highly detailed and elaborated embroidery. These designs give a regal and royal touch to their look.

Actor and model Karan Oberoi also has some tips to share for men who want to look great at a summer wedding:

* Keep hair short and clean. Shampoo well and get them cut on time

* It would be great to be clean shaven or if you are fond of keeping stubble or beard keep it in such a way that looks very clean.

* For summer, linen shirts and suits look amazing. Wear light colours like white, turquoise or lemon yellow for a soothing look.

* Footwear is also important so go for loafers or high fashion formals.

* If you are fond of wearing jewellery it should be silver