Hyderabad girl bells the CAT

New Delhi Jan 12 A Bachelor of Architecture graduate from Hyderabad secured 98.97 percentile. In the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2018, results of which were released on Saturday (January 5, 2019). VNS Juhi Vallabh, who took a gap year after graduation to prepare for the test, said she concentrated more on basics to crack the test.

“I joined a coaching institute and gave my 100 per cent during the preparation. I took about 20 mock tests and used the results of these exams to make changes in my preparation. Google was another tool which I used to clear the doubts that I had,” said Juhi adding that she was strong in English, but had to concentrate more on Maths as the subject was missing in Bachelor of Architecture.

Juhi, a resident of Nallakunta, said she wants to specialise in marketing in MBA (Master of Business Administration) and is no more interested in architecture.

“While studying BArch, I realised that I’m more interested in the management side of marketing. Also, during the summer vacation, I started helping my dad who is into media marketing and really liked what he is doing. That’s when I decided that I want to pursue MBA,” Juhi added.

Till Class XII, Juhi studied in Hyderabad and then moved to Madhya Pradesh to pursue graduation from School of Planning and Architecture in Bhopal and graduated in May 2018.

In total, 11 candidates secured 100 percentile this year from across the country. All the students belong to engineering or technology stream.