HealthKart Marks Another Milestone: Crosses 100+ Retail Stores in India and Targets 200 Stores in 65 Cities by FY 2020

Gurgaon, Apr 16:  Health and fitness have been one of the most primary concerns of people all around the world. HealthKart is India’s leading health supplement store which was founded back in 2011 by two young entrepreneurs Sameer Maheshwari and Prashant Tandon. Currently, it is a leading retail chain offering a wide range of healthcare and wellness products from various brands like MuscleBlaze, optimum nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition, TrueBasics, Nouriza and many more. From protein supplements, weight loss pills, multivitamin tablets to gym gloves, shakers and what not. HealthKart has now reached a new milestone by opening its 100th store in Najafgarh, Delhi.

HealthKart stores are aesthetically designed & well maintained ensuring a great customer experience at every HealthKart store. All the store managers hold complete knowledge of each and every product in the store.

Manish Mangotra, Retail Head (HealthKart) shares some of the brand’s achievement, strategies and expansion plans.

About the retail presence of HealthKart

Presently, HealthKart has a presence in over 46 cities and practically cover all major geographies and tiers of India. It’s been super exciting to see such a strong ramp-up of an initiative which is barely 2 years old. It makes us super proud to be pioneers in building one of the leading omnichannel health platforms of the country. The journey has not been easy, we have faced ups and downs, but we were reluctant to achieve our goals, and as you see today, we are victorious.

What makes HealthKart different from other supplement stores in the market


With so many fake supplements stocking in the market, we saw a great transition of consumer interest towards HealthKart for genuine and authentic nutritional supplements. Authenticity is a guarantee when you are shopping at HealthKart.

Customer Satisfaction

For us, our customers and their requirements are foremost, and therefore, we take complete feedback for our services. We firmly believe in growing and expanding our services in order to provide the best & top-notch products to our customers all over India. We ensure timely delivery of all our products perfectly complimenting our online channel.
Fitness Counselling
Depending on your fitness goals and concerns, we offer free fitness consultation for all our customers. No matter your concern, we have a solution for all your health problems. From multivitamins for oldies, nutritional supplements for kids and protein powder for bodybuilders like Whey Protein, Protein Isolate, soy protein, Protein bar etc. HealthKart stores have got it all covered for you.

Some of the strategic advantages that our stores offer:

Independently serves over 20K customers every month.
Provide in-person fitness counselling to customers.
Perfectly compliment the online channel by offering same-day delivery of online orders in the catchment.
Help seed and grow the HK vitamin brands.

Source: Businesswire