Delhi: Lady Shri Ram College to consider students’ demands — but may hike fee

New Delhi Nov 9  Days after students of the Lady Shri Ram College protested against hostel “curfew timings” and “gating out” among other things, the college put up a notice saying it would consider some of the demands, including 24*7 access to hostel by students, adding that the same would lead to an “increase in student fee”.

 The college has set up a committee to look into demands of the students. An unsigned notice dated November 6 reads: “The committee is actively considering ways in which students can access the hostel 24*7, taking into account infrastructural and staff charges which will result in increased fees and notification to all stakeholders that will be worked out”.

The notice, as confirmed by The Indian Express, was put up by the administration saying it was considering replacing the need to specify two local guardians with one emergency contact, doing away with the gating out system (where students are ousted from hostel for 15 days as a form of punishment) increasing accessibility for PWD students, and implementing OBC reservation, among other things.

Sources told The Indian Express that the final decision will be taken by the Governing Body, adding, however, that its members are “unlikely to meet before January”.

The decision to increase fee has come under attack from students and activists of Pinjratod. “The LSR administration said that for abolition of curfew, they will have to hire more guards and put in place ‘logistics’ like revolving doors, biometric attendance, swipecards. To increase the number of hostel seats for implementation of OBC reservation, the administration has proposed conversion of single-seater rooms to double seaters — the cost of all of which will be raised from student fee. As was indicated during a meeting, apparently for abolition of curfew, we must pay 15k extra annually, and 6k extra for implementation of OBC reservation. What the administration is telling us is that if we want freedom, we will have to ‘pay’ for it,” Pinjratod said in a statement.

“The administration’s proposal of appointing more security guards…stands in violation of the principles of UGC’s Saksham Committee Report on Measures for Ensuring the Safety of Women and Programmes for Gender Sensitization on Campuses,” the statement added.