Congress, NCP threaten to ban Ramdev in Maharashtra

BABAAMumbai, April 27: The Congress and NCP Sat powerfully protested against baba Ramdev’s comments on Rahul Gandhi, with each parties threatening to ban the yoga guru from getting into Maharashtra.

“The daughters of Dalits don’t seem to be stranded while not shelter. Ramdev has affronted the complete Dalit community,” aforesaid Nationalist Congress Party government president Jitendra Awhad.

He termed Ramdev’s statement that Rahul Gandhi visits the homes of Dalits for honeymoon and picnic as “shocking”.

“Ramdev should withdraw this statement in real time and specific an unconditional apology to the Dalits. Otherwise, we will not enable him to enter Maharashtra,” Awhad warned.

The Congress also demanded Ramdev’s arrest for his derogative remark on Rahul Gandhi and Dalits of the country, a state spokeperson said.

“Ramdev’s remarks have hurt and infuriated the Dalit community across the country. Unless he categorically tenders an apology, we shall not enable him to step into Mumbai,” aforesaid Mumbai Congress Dalit cell chief Ganesh Kamble.

Angry activists conjointly protested in Mumbai against Ramdev’s remarks and demanded that he should be engaged under the prevention of Atrocities Act.