China is thy Enemy : India tells Neighbors! – Nepali Media

New Delhi July 13 Professor Amartya Kumar Sen is an Indian economist, who since 1972 has taught and worked in India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

He once wrote that, as far as I recall, in a democracy the citizens enjoy two meals a day and thus do not die of starvation.

How far his saying is correct perhaps those who have died in a democratic system in his own India would have told us better but alas! The souls perhaps do not enjoy the liberty to express as to how and why they died? Will the starving population of Indian landmass agree with what the Nobel laureate said of democracy? Perhaps not. Democracy doesn’t guarantee availability of foods to the starving populace.

The same Indian veteran economist while talking to a Delhi TV channel said that “despite being the fastest-growing economy the country has taken a “quantum jump in the wrong direction” since 2014.

The Indian scholar shields the Indira Congress rule because the Indian slide, if it could be said so, had right begun the day when the BJP government under Atal Behari Bajpayee had clandestinely provided shelter and security to the Nepal Maoists in the NOIDA suburbs for all along ten years or so which was later granted with “Indira Congress government largesse”.

Geo politics perhaps. Crime against Nepal that it was.

Dr. MM Singh was the bogus PM of India. The slide began then continues even today with a new “Modi” thrust. Yet let’s listen to what this Economist has to add.

Honorable Vajpayee too was never a good friend of India though his admirers in Nepal may not agree with what is being written here. So be it.

Mr. Sen also accuses the BJP that its Hindu fundamentalism too has its contributions in inviting the slide for India.

The rest, the Nepali observers agree verbatim to what this eminent scholar says of PM Modi and his “coercive” and disgusting Indian regime which takes sadistic pleasure in twisting the arms of her smaller neighbors. Thanks Maldives has just slipped from the Indian grip.

Indian slither is yet incomplete in that the Indian regime controlled mercilessly by Chaiwala Modi jee (is what has been best said by a Congressman, Mallikarjun Kharge in Maharastra, July 9, 2019, that it was the Indian Congress that had saved the Indian democracy which has awarded an opportunity to a Chaiwala to become the Indian Prime Minister) because Modi prefers to confront the super power in the making, President Xi Jinping of China whose end result could fairly be predicted in advance. Source in Twitter.

And now China is not that fool as not to have calculated the “real intent and meaning” of the Indian design when Delhi summoned its Ambassadors serving in South Asian region.

News reports appearing in the social media and the internet says that “India will adopt a broad, three-pronged approach to deal with China’s increasing engagement in the South Asian and Indian Ocean neighborhood, track Beijing’s activities carefully; pursue its own projects and commitments; and educate and advise neighbors on the consequences of engaging with China.
So India will educate Nepal and other countries in this part of the world? Joke of the week indeed.

At least people in Nepal remain assured in that China shall never impose economic blockade like what had been done by the ugly and naughty neighbor in the South in 2015, if one were to recall.

Reports say that during the meet, Minister Swaraj laid out this approach at a meeting with top diplomats posted in the neighborhood. This means that the Indian diplomats will have to act like a spy whose main job would be to carefully eye on the Chinese activities in the South Asian nations.

Back in Nepal, our own Communist Prime Minister has been exhibiting ominous signs as far as the running of the nation-state is concerned. Freedom of expression apparently has already been curtailed and the freedom to travel abroad too has been under attack as one Sanskrit scholar was almost kidnapped by the innocent security forces complying with the Prime Ministerial orders from the International Airport who was about to board a plane to Canada via Korea. The manner this Sanskrit scholar was behaved by the State deserves condemnation.

The scholar detained perhaps has slight inclination, it is widely talked, towards Nepali Congress.