Children’s Science Congress opens: Make science interesting for kids, teachers urged

New Delhi Jan 5 With more than 20,000 school children attending the event and 120 best projects from across the country on display, the Children’s Science Congress (Rashtriya Kishore Vaigyanik Sammelan) opened Friday at the ongoing 106th Indian National Congress at Lovely Professional University (LPU) in Phagwara.

The inauguration of Children’s Science Congress was attended by two Nobel laureates — Avram Hershko and Duncan Haldane — who called children as future of science in India.

Speaking at the inaugural session, Nobel Prize winner in physics Duncan Haldane said that it is the teachers who can make science interesting for children.

“I discovered that science was interesting and cool because of my teachers. They can play a great role in making this subject interesting for children which otherwise is quite difficult. Physics and maths are particularly difficult. My interest and liking for science started with chemistry but later maths and physics is what attracted me,” said Haldane.

In his further address to children, he said that technology makes things happen but science is finding out how things actually work.

“And once you find out how things actually happen, the feeling is incredible. Science is cool!,” said Haldane, encouraging children to pursue science and research. “It is not easy to pursue a career in pure research but science is cool,” said Haldane amid cheers from children.

Another Nobel laureate, Avram Hershko, said that children are future of science in India.

Encouraging children to take up research, he said, “Many of you may make some very important discoveries which are good for mankind and who knows you may even win a Nobel Prize!”

120 best projects

A total of 120 projects by schoolchildren selected from across the country after block-, district- and state-level competitions are on display at Children’s Science Congress.