Celeb-favourite resort to give away designer shoes

Los Angeles [U.S.A.], Feb. 6 (ANI): A celeb-favourite resort in North America is going to offer complimentary designer shoes to its patrons.

The Caribbean resort has seen regular visits from various celebrities including Kardashians, Bill Clinton, Jay-Z, and George W. Bush over the past three decades…

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Incredible offbeat travel destinations you probably are not aware of

New Delhi  Jan. 17 (ANI): In an age where travel has become an in thing, it would seem there are very few destinations which are unexplored or unheard of in the world.

However, as they say, the power of nature is incomprehensible. The world is full of hidden places which…

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This Japanese island is the most trending travel spot on Earth

New Delhi , Jan 10 (ANI): The pristine blue waters and white sandy beaches of beautiful Ishigaki, Japan, has earned the ranking of number one in the world.

The island has topped TripAdvisor’s “Destinations on the Rise” list.

The awards, now in its sixth year, recognise 44 destinations around the…

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LAUNCH OF MUMBAI MAIDEN - cruise ship in Mumbai

Mumbai  Jan 12:  As you cruise onboard the newly launched ship, MUMBAI MAIDEN, you will observe the beautiful hues of the setting sun and later the nightlife of Mumbai city comes alive with the glistening shore.  High rise structures and the iconic Gateway of India stands tall, as you catch…

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Discover Peru to experience fascinating cultures, unique architecture

New Delhi Jan 6 (ANI): From the oldest civilization in America, to the largest and most powerful empire of the southern continent, Ancient Peru conserves the architectural and artistic vestiges of fascinating cultures.

Discovering them is a breathtaking experience. A single trip is not enough to discover all the wonders…

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