For a snowy 'Christmas', visit these five picturesque destinations

New Delhi  Dec 2 (ANI): While snow on December 25 isn’t guaranteed, but still many communities across the country nevertheless go all out to embrace the season, from horse-drawn sleigh rides past windows aglow with candles, to meet-and-greets with real reindeer.

While Christmas cookies and hot…

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Five platforms which offer affordable last minute bookings

New Delhi Nov 28 (ANI): With December round the corner, millennials are in vacation mode. And to celebrate the end of this year, most of us are planning a quick getaway with our loved ones.

However, the overpriced tickets and almost full bookings in many hotels may hamper one’s…

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Travelling to Peru? Here are things that make it unique

New Delhi Nov 12 (ANI): Planning a trip to Peru?

Here are some experiences you should not miss!

• Five star hotel on the shores of Lake Titicaca: The scenic view produced by the highlands and the highest navigable lake in the world makes a perfect destination for visitors. Its surroundings…

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Capture the pre-wedding excitement amidst these picturesque spots!

New Delhi  November 6 (ANI): The wedding season has just kicked in, with preparations in full swing. Weddings can be a tiresome affair, with a plethora of arrangements to be made, right from a wardrobe makeover to assorting gifts.

With all the festive fervor in the air, it becomes equally…

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Experience power, natural beauty of real volcano at Kirishima

New Delhi [India], Nov 1 (ANI): Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park spreads across Kagoshima Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture, uniquely encompassing three volcanic belts.

Plumes of smoke rise over an expansive lava field, like a scene out of an epic movie. With its combination of mountains, water, and lush green vegetation, the…

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