Monsoon blooms of Kas Pathar: Little known place outside Mumbai

Kas Pathar, about 6.5 hours’ drive from Mumbai, breaks into a profusion of flowers for a brief period during and after the monsoon

 Despite the rain, which was pouring by the bucketful, people were walking across the windy meadows, photographers huddling down in the squelch to get that one…

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Little Europe on the Ganga

Go down memory lane while visiting these former European settlements along the Ganga bank in West Bengal, all lying within a road distance of 60km from Kolkata.
Most people visit Kolkata to see the architectural heritage of the city’s British past. But few are aware that traders from other…

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Six Indian destinations to romance the monsoon

If you are a wanderlust and an adventurer at heart and also love to enjoy the nature then monsoon is the time to travel.

The Indian Diaspora draws up a list of six destinations that are off the unbeaten track and is a must-visit during monsoon in India.


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A walk through Mumbai’s GaneshGully

This walking tour is an interesting prelude to Mumbai’s biggest festival, Ganesh Chaturthi.

July 30:  Failing to persuade the policemen to allow us one peep inside the closely guarded marquee that would house the Lalbaughcha Raja or the King of Lalbaug in a few days’ time, we made a…

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Rejuvenate yourself with serenity, peace in the nature's lap (Travelogue)

Kasol (Himachal Pradesh), July 29  Break the monotony and get out of your hectic city life to explore the silence and solace of nature amid glorious mountain peaks. In the land of the Himalayas, there are many places to rid yourself of stress and truly search for peace.

Kasol, located…

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