Facebook launches '3D Touch' for faster postings

New York, Oct 13 The Facebook social networking site has launched a new app that will help you take or upload photos and videos or update your status in a jiffy.
Called “3D Touch”, the new application allows iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users to hard press the app icon…

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Indian-origin doctor may get trip to space

Toronto, Oct 12 An Indian-origin neurosurgeon is training for a scientist-astronaut project that may give her a chance to travel in space, a media report said.

Shawna Pandya and her colleague Michael Gallagher, practicing in Edmonton, were getting training for Polar Suborbital Science in the Upper Mesosphere (PoSSUM…

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More 'global' people care less about public good

New York, Oct 12 The more individuals perceive themselves as “citizens of the world”, the less they would contribute to public goods, says a new study.

High level of globalisation increases the likelihood that the individual would not provide a truthful report on income, would catch a “free ride” on…

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Dogs with missing gut lining treated with lab-grown 3D intestine

New York, Oct 9 In a major advancement towards an implantable replacement intestine for humans suffering from devastating gut diseases, researchers have successfully grown healthy intestine atop a 3-D scaffold that can function well in a living organism.

The laboratory-created intestine successfully regenerated gut tissue in the colons…

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Vaginal bacteria that can protect women from HIV

New York, Oct 9 Researchers have identified a type of vaginal bacteria that can protect women from the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) as well as other sexually transmitted infections.

The vaginal microbiota has long been considered healthy if it was dominated by any species of lactobacillus, said senior author of…

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