High BP linked to reduced Alzheimer's risk

Washington, June 27: people with a genetic tendency to high blood pressure (BP) have a lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease, a replacement study has found.

But the affiliation might have additional to do with anti-hypertension medication than high blood pressure itself.

“It’s possible that this protecting result…

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Why parrots are great vocal imitators

New York, June 25: A team of scientists, together with one of Indian-origin, has uncovered key structural variations within the brains of parrots which will justify their alone ability to imitate sounds and human speech.

The results conjointly might lend insight into the neural mechanisms of human speech.


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'High-normal' BP in youth may increase heart disease risk later

Washington, June 23: Mild elevations in blood pressure considered to be within the higher vary of normal throughout early adulthood will cause subclinical heart injury by middle age, says a study.

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is one that tops 140/90 however pressure slightly below that threshold begins to fuel…

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More than 800 dark galaxies found

New York, June 23: Once analysing data obtained with the Subaru Telescope, astronomers have discovered 854 “ultra dark galaxies” crammed with mysterious substance within the Coma Cluster, one of the richest cluster of galaxies containing thousands of systems.

The amount of visible matter they contain, but one percent, is extraordinarily…

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Odyssey to complete 60,000th lap around Mars

Washington, June 22: NASA’s Mars Odyssey spacecraft can reach a significant milestone on June 23, once it completes its 60,000th orbit since inward at the Mars in 2001.

Odyssey began orbiting Mars virtually fourteen years past, on Oct twenty three, 2001. Named once the popular novel “2001: a…

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