Eat fruits before shopping to buy healthy items

New York, April 29: Having a small healthy snack sort of a piece of fruit before looking wouldn’t only facilitate decrease hunger within the market, it’s going to conjointly nudge you to pick healthier things, suggests a new analysis.

The researchers found that those that Ate an apple…

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How earthquakes happen

New Delhi, April 27:Most earthquakes originate from compressional or tensional stresses built up at the margins of the huge moving plates that make up the earth’s surface.

The immediate cause of most shallow earthquakes like in Nepal now, occuring within 70 km of the surface, is the sudden…

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Ratan Tata buys stake in Chinese smartphone major Xiaomi

New Delhi, April 27: Chinese smartphone major Xiaomi said on Sunday that ratan Tata, chairman emeritus of the Tata group, has acquired a stake in Xiaomi Technology in a deal expected to bolster the company’s presence in India.

“This is the initial investment by any Indian into Xiaomi,” the…

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A test soon to detect kidney disease early

London, April 23: Analysing the composition and structure kidney filters that management what passes into our excrement and what the body holds on to may shortly result in a test that will tell if somebody is liable to uropathy even before known  symptoms seem, says a new study.

“What we…

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First selfie stick appeared in 1980s

London, April 20: Do you have any plan once the primary selfie stick was invented? Well, it was fancied within the 1980s by Hiroshi Ueda, who worked for the Minolta camera company at the time and was a keen photographer, BBC reported .

“Once, after I was within the Louvre Museum…

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