15 electrocuted in Rajasthan bus mishap

Jaipur, June 12: At least fifteen people were killed and over twenty suffered burn injuries once a bus carrying a marriage party came in reality with a high tension wire in Rajasthan’s Tonk district on Friday, police said.

The people were move from Bachera to Morla village within the…

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Yahoo to host mobile developer meet in India

New Delhi, June 12: Yahoo proclaimed on Friday that it’ll host its mobile developer meet in New Delhi on June 24 and in Bengaluru on June 26.

Jarah Euston, vice president of analytics and promoting at Flurry (owned by Yahoo), said: “India features a vibrant, quickly growing app developer…

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NASA image shows brighter side of lonely galaxy

Washington, June 11: NASA’s Hubble space telescope has sent back pictures of a wierd lonely galaxy known as NGC 6503 in placing detail and conjointly with a rich set of colors.

NGC 6503 is eighteen million light-years removed from us within the northern circumpolar constellation of Draco. NGC…

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World's first water-based computer developed

Washington, June 10: In a ground-breaking feat, world’s first synchronous computer that operates on water droplets has been developed by an Indian-American researcher from Stanford University.

Manu Prakash, assistant professor of bioengineering, and his students have built a unique computer that operates using the unique physics of…

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Facebook, Google shelve satellite plans

New York, June 09: Facebook and Google have each lost enthusiasm for satellite internet, consistent with media reports. consistent with reports Facebook is dropping its plans for a geo-stationary satellite over considerations that it’ll not recover prices.

Google, that employed satellite enterpriser Greg film maker to arrange a…

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