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5 apps to soothe your mid-week holiday

New Delhi [India], Aug 13: With Independence Day around the corner, preparations for the holiday mood are in full swing.
With household chores giving tough time to relax and luxuriate, let’s take the route of a modern and tech-savvy approach.
So here are some Apps to carry out…

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Nazi imagery will no longer be banned in video games

Berlin [Germany], August 11: Swastikas or Nazi related imagery will no longer be removed from video games automatically after Germany’s national rating agency USK announced the change.
The agency announced that video games releasing in Germany will be treated as movies and as works of art, they will be…

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Kyocera hosts 3rd Cultural Exchange Tour for Vietnamese children

Kyoto [Japan], Aug 10: As a part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, Kyocera Corporation hosted the 3rd Cultural Exchange Tour for Vietnamese children to visit Japan in the hope that they would grow up to become international citizens who will contribute to a more harmonious global society.

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Maintaining nitrogen level is key to healthy sweet potato crops

Washington D.C. [USA], Aug 9: Carefully managing nitrogen levels is the most important trick to obtain high yields from sweet potato crops. Too little nitrogen and the plants do not grow properly and too much of it, again, leads to low yield.
A recent study focuses on how much…

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Togofogo forays into refurbished laptops market in India

New Delhi Aug 8 (ANI): Togofogo, a trusted marketplace for buying and selling of re-commerce products in the mobiles category, has announced offering of a new product category, namely refurbished laptops.

The new category offered by Togofogo will include quality check, certification, extended warranty, and repair services, maintaining the…

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