Google to allow users to comment on search results

San Francisco, Nov 19  Google is planning to launch a new feature that will enable users to leave in search results comments that could be seen by others.

While the feature has not yet gone live, an official Google help document has described how it would work, the Search Engine…

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How Twitter contributes to 'social jet lag'

New York, Nov 17  People’s social media usage, which largely mirrors daily work schedules and school calendars, is causing a huge amount of “social jet lag” and disrupting their biological clocks, reveals a study that analysed patterns of activity on the social media platform Twitter.

Social jet lag — a…

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65 killed in California wildfires, 631 missing

San Francisco, Nov 16 :  The death toll from the destructive wildfires in California has increased to 65 while 631 people were reported missing, authorities said.

Of the 65 victims, 63 were killed in Northern California’s Camp Fire, deemed as the worst wildfire in the state’s history, while two…

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Google Doodle celebrates humanity's first message into space

New Delhi, Nov 16  In 1974, scientists sent humankind’s first, three-minute long interstellar radio message – the Arecibo Message – and 44 years later, Google on Friday celebrated the feat with a Doodle.

The Arecibo message is a 1974 interstellar radio message carrying basic information about humanity and Earth sent…

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MGR returns in 3D digital mode

Kochi, Nov 15  Using the latest technology, AN-Face, Orange County, a Malaysia-based animation company has resurrected the legendary Tamil actor MGR in a two-hour long ‘feature film’ in 3D digital mode, to be released in Hyderabad, next month.

The digital company has used artificial intelligence to define…

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