U.P may witness a four cornered contest for State Assembly

In less than six months, a new government would be installed in Lucknow after the announcement of assembly election results of the biggest state of the country.

The race to capture power has begun with all political parties without exception are leaving no stone unturned to catch the imagination of…

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India needs new ideas and new ways of doing things

Innovation worries us. At one level, many perceive it as a threat to their jobs and, in fact, to their way of thinking and behaving. It challenges what they are used to. At another and more profound level, there is genuine fear of failure. After all, not all innovations succeed…

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How practical is RSS call for Hindus to multiply

Mr. Mohanrao Bhagwat, the RSS chief, has started yet again on his ancient theme that his followers, Hindus so called, must proliferate themselves to keep their numbers high and not lose the battle to other faiths which call the people of India infidels and “Kafirs”, yet to be liberated from…

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New Delhi, August 22 : If Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech is any indication, a major shift is taking place in India’s Pakistan policy and it is aggressively going to highlight the plight of the people of Balochistan, Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Gilgit. The new line on…

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Why India wins only a few Olympic medals

The joy felt by Indians over the successes of P.V. Sindhu in badminton, Sakshi Malik in wrestling and Dipa Karmakar in gymnastics is understandable.

At the same time, the question needs to be asked, as has been done earlier, as to why India, a nation of 1.2 billion…

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