Expect Small Sops, Prepare To Pay More

The 2017-18 National Budget to be presented in Parliament shortly before the process of Assembly elections starts in five states, including heavyweight Uttar Pradesh, is most unlikely to be a soft or a populist one. The reasons are simple: the government can’t afford to be in a giving…

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Donald Trump shadow on Indo-U.S relations

Experts and seasoned observers of the US scene are confused rather are still groping in dark to distinctly inform as what course bilateral relations are going to take under America’s 45th President Donald Trump.

While relations between two democracies had been steadily developing after the signing of the Indo…

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BJP faces tough challenge in polls to state assemblies

Poll to State Assemblies in five States are different from the poll to Lok Sabha in 2014 which was turned into a presidential poll by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This time the poll is to choose a Chief Minister to rule the State and BJP is running with a handicap…

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If IITs had more Dalit professors, would Aniket Ambhore be alive?

In March 2012, Sanjay and Sunita Ambhore, parents of Aniket Ambhore, 19, a first-year electrical engineering student at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B), received a letter informing them that their son — admitted in the Scheduled Caste (SC) quota — had failed two courses.

Concerned, the Ambhores — Sanjay…

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Akhilesh is ahead BJP and BSP in poll in U.P

Possible there were very few till Monday this week who were convinced that incumbent Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav will return to power winning the assembly electoral battle against formidable opponents like the BJP and the BSP but now after the Election Commission recognising him to be head of the Samajwadi…

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