Communal tension on risk in India

New Delhi Jan 21 The year gone by, 2015, might not have been communally too harmonious for the BJP as a political entity, nor its government, but it has promised a fair deal to all Indians. Communal riots or other incidents have been taken by it in its stride. The…

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Fight against pollution to be intensified

New Delhi Jan 20 The fight against pollution has began!

After decades of torpor and indifference, Delhiites have woken up to the menace of air pollution.

There was a time, not so in the distant past, when Delhiites were dubbed as ‘snooty’ and ‘stiff’, impervious to the environment around them…

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Indian Economy faces many challenges

New Delhi jan 19 Finance Minister Arun Jaitley may have his own reasons for claiming that Indian economy will perform better this year than in the previous year, but he does not seem to have taken into account the challenges ahead which, if not addressed, will adversely impact it. The…

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A charismatic colonel and his strange absence from fiction

New Delhi Jan 18 Think of the Middle East now and a representative image would be a vicious group with obscurantist goals to be obtained with indiscriminate and unconscionable violence, but it was different some decades ago. The standard then was an iconic and genuinely popular ruler (even if he…

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Modi’s Pakistan policy begins to gain contours?

New Delhi Jan 15 Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Pakistan policy appears to be gaining some firm contours after consistently flip-flopping for almost 19 months of his coming to power.

There are definite signs on the horizon that foreign secretary level talks, which were schedule to take place on…

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