The ‘post-truth’ phase

Many did a double-take when they heard the Prime Minister quote with supreme panache the already immortalised lyrics of Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan, in his address to the Global Citizen Festival India on 19 November 2016. He resoundingly endorsed, “your old road is changing, please get out of the…

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Heehaw of a king as subjects cry

This massive exercise of flushing out black money has paralysed the economy.

No country in the world would have seen politics of the kind that India is witnessing today. Instead of realising the mistakes and making the requisite amendments in the implementation of demonetising, we have a ruling dispensation that…

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Need for healing touch in Jammu & Kashmir

Sabre rattling by outgoing Army Chief of Pakistan, Gen Raheel Sharif who retires on Nov 29 only indicate that Kashmir issue is likely to be kept alive in coming days. It includes efforts like training of militants who would be pushed across line of control to join the ranks of…

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Delay in Winter Sowing could lead to fall Food Production

Demonetisation was targeted at the unscrupulous but has hit the honest. For the farmers– especially small and medium– it has been the worst of times. Last year, water in their fields disappeared; this year, cash in the market. After the government abolished Rs 500 and 1000 notes, they do not…

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Demonetisation: It cannot be business as usual any more

The Prime Minister’s move on demonetising Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes is now slowly playing out. Apart from inconvenience which the move is causing, it is still early days to say what this really means for a large section of the population.

But nonetheless, some things are…

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