Amma's illness: Woes of a one-person party

New Delhi, Oct 15 : Like nature, politics abhors a vacuum. It is not surprising, therefore, that after several days of uncertainty, Tamil Nadu Finance Minister O. Panneerselvam assumed charge of the ministries which were handled by Chief Minister Jayalalithaa before she was hospitalised.

However, she remains the Chief Minister, although…

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73% UP's homes are incomplete for urban poor,deadline 1 month away

New Delhi, Oct 14 : Although 60 per cent of the money has been released, no more than 27 per cent of 24,310 free homes intended for the urban poor had been built till August 2016 across 53 districts in Indias most-populous state, Uttar Pradesh (UP), according to new…

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India, broader South Asian region remain steady amidst global slowdown

New Delhi, Oct 13 : The Indian economy and that of the broader South Asian Region (SAR) is a source of considerable interest in policy circles these days. This is because their growth performance has considerably outperformed that of other regions of the world.

Another reason is that two of SAR…

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Prohibition: Nitish Kumar will learn his lesson sooner or later

There is an element of desperation skirting the edge of rationality in Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s frenetic attempts to ban liquor consumption in Bihar.

Within a day of the Patna High Court striking down a notification on prohibition for being ultra vires the constitution, the state government drafted another…

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BCCI playing games with Supreme Court

Is the Indian Cricket Control Board playing games with the Supreme Court as well as the Lodha Commission, appointed by it, to stop its patent misdemeanours? Does the BCCI think that it has a right to control everybody else and nobody dare oversee it? On September 30, the BCCI decided…

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