Kashmir requires political solution to resolve crisis

With 35 killed nearly 1500 injured, peace and normalcy seems a distant goal in Kashmir Valley. The leaders of the separatists organisations have extended the call for protests against killing of poster boy of militants Burhan Wani and much will depend on what happens when protesters come out after prayers…

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Delhi must listen to Kashmir

India would have faced far greater criticism of its handling of the outbreak in Kashmir if the international scene was calmer.

With the US embroiled in its own racial militancy, France reeling under repeated terrorist attacks (Nice being the latest), Turkey facing a coup and most other European countries still…

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IS threat comes closer to India

The Islamic State (IS) — the face of the 21st century terror– is now haunting India. Its use of the 21st century tools– Facebook, Twitter and encrypted websites– to propagate its ideology and entrap the young and the educated makes IS the deadliest of all terror groups.

It was not long…

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GST to get nod in Monsoon session of Parliament

Twenty days long Monsoon session of Parliament, between July 18 and August 12, is expected to be productive both in terms of legislations as well as debates and discussions.

While the Government is expected to ensure the passage of long awaited Goods and Service Tax (GST) bill which has already…

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Ethics, moral science must be taught in schools


In the recent past a theft of a camera, an iPod and cash took place in my younger daughter’s house in rural Maharashtra. The finger of suspicion fell on a Class 8 student from a good local school. He lived nearby and came often to my daughter’s…

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