Why the Debate Over the Sanatan Sanstha Ban Diverts From the Real Questions

Sreenivasan Jain

With the Hindutva group Sanathan Sanstha once again in the news after one of its members was arrested for his alleged role in the murder of Govind Pansare, a parallel – but distracting – controversy has broken out on why the group has not been banned, and who is responsible…

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Indian economy faces tough challenges ahead

R.C. Rajamani

After refusing to see the writing on the wall for the past few weeks on the not so good state of the nation’s economy, the Narendra Modi government has finally acknowledged that there will be trouble ahead if immediate steps are not taken to fight certain…

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Meat bans to hit poor and encourage communal divide

Yashwardhan Joshi

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. And one man’s food preference and economic gain is a stab on another man’s religious faith and sentiments.

In the great debate spawned by the resurrection of the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Bill, 1995, to extend the ban…

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Arrogance of Indian leaders has many faces

Prof. N K Singh

We hear a lot about arrogance in Indian political leaders and when many of them are accusing each other of same malady it appears the term has lost its significance. Dictionaries have defined it as haughtiness,hubris or posing superiority  but in reality it has many…

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Indian-origin scientist designs tiny 'vehicle' to drive drugs to targets

With the side-effects of therapy being one of the major stumbling blocks in advancing treatment for deadly diseases, a team of scientists, including one of Indian origin, has designed a “nanovehicle” that could drive drugs straight to their destinations – the diseased tissues – thereby sparing other healthy organs from any…

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