Opposition Unity remains a distant dream

The ongoing effort to forge opposition unity is strong on logic but weak on agenda. The concept of opposition unity appeared in a twin form in the earlier years–one, at the state level and next at the Centre. The experiment in both cases has been far from edifying dogged…

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Time to build national unity to deal with twin threat from Pakistan & China

How serious is the threat of  stand off between Indian and Chinese troops on trijunction with Bhutan becoming  a full scale confrontation  on the border between India and China. AS far as India is concerned efforts are on to resolve the issue through diplomatic channels, but China is adopting aggressive…

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Unemployment continues to grow in India in 3 years rule of BJP

Three years down the line, unemployment remains one of the biggest concerns for the Narendra Modi government. Though India is the fastest growing economy in the world, it carries the  unpleasant tag of  ‘jobless growth’. All surveys point in that direction.

According to a labour ministry report, the unemployment rate…

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Trump-Times: Don't say dasvidaniya yet Donnie!

Washington, July 15 (IANS) When Narendra Modi came calling, Donald Trump “conspired” with his “true friend” from India to keep the big Russian bear at bay.

But no such luck for POTUS in Paris where it followed him like Mary’s little lamb. As he and the French President Emmanuel…

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Enemy's enemy is my friend: BJP, CPI-M target Mamata

On the eve of the May 2016 West Bengal Assembly elections, Arun Jaitley shared his campaign experiences with some editors. When he attacked Mamata Bannerjee and the Left-Congress front in equal measure, the crowd’s response was tepid. When he attacked the Trinamool for 60 percent of his speech…

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