Space age diplomacy

NASA to send payload on Chandrayaan-2, signals extra-terrestrial cooperation

This, too, is happening. The US space agency NASA is literally hitching a ride on Chandrayaan-2, India’s second Moon mission satellite. Planned for a July launch, it will have 13 payloads and one passive experiment from NASA…

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Slipping on oil

India has bought some time on volume of imports from Iran but is caught between it and the US

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif may have looked for some middle ground on India’s oil purchases from his country despite US sanctions but we are in no position…

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Relationship or rape?

We need a framework for consensual relationships which, for whatever reason, break down and the woman cries ‘rape’

At the very outset, this newspaper unequivocally states that violence against women, including sexual abuse and assault, is a major problem in India, where patriarchal forces still reign. Laws that protect women…

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Return of the Mac

As McDonald’s ends a decade-long dispute with its partner, will Indians in the north and east welcome the brand back?

A long-standing dispute between American fast-food chain McDonald’s and its business partner in north and east India is on the verge of being resolved with…

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Sparse infrastructure

Mumbai’s wholly inadequate airport is an example of bad planning and how insufficient space can strangle a city

When an Indian Air Force Antonov careened off the runway at Mumbai airport, it did not make the headlines because of any fatalities as it thankfully sank into the mud at…

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