Twenty years on

Many lessons have been learnt from Kargil but the deep distrust of Pakistan remains

The news that Pakistani Army regulars had infiltrated into India from across the Line of Control (LoC) didn’t just take our civilians by shock, it took the political and military establishment by complete surprise as…

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Time to split

Is dividing India’s cricket captaincy as part of a post-World Cup rebuild a good idea?

The unique thing about the England team that won the World Cup, questionably according to many, was that there were two captains on the field. While Eoin Morgan, one-time Irish cricket star…

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A bridge of memories

The closure of the Lakshman jhula is another warning sign on the pressures of over-tourism in the Himalayas

Perhaps a great way to rewind family histories in India would be to turn the pages of a photo album and find generations frozen forever on the Lakshman jhula bridge in…

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Politics of peace-making

In what way, and why, could a European war be so persistently and consistently be referred to as the First World War for a hundred years?

The First World War ended with a series of peace meetings and conferences in Paris, which were essentially concluded only between European powers. Hence…

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The camera trap

There is no guarantee that CCTVs will stop crime but can be damaging for classroom conversations

This is a double-edged sword that can be argued from all sides, the move by the Delhi government to install CCTV cameras in schools it runs, ostensibly for safety and transparency. These cameras…

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