This summer, detox with infused water

New Delhi , April 05 (ANI): ‘Water is the only drink for a wise man’ – Henry David Thoreau.

From our very childhood, we know that drinking large amount of water is necessary to keep fit and ourselves hydrated, avoiding illness.

Mostly, instead of normal water, we crave for juices and soft…

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Manish Malhotra to speak on Phulkari at Philadelphia Museum of Art

New Delhi, April 5:  Ace designer Manish Malhotra, who aims to put Indian craft on the global map with his creations, has been invited by the Philadelphia Museum of Art to speak on the craft of Phulkari — an embroidery technique native to Punjab.

To be held on April 28, the…

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Time strawberries to bloom just after apples for better harvest

Washington D.C.  April. 4 (ANI): You may want to set your strawberry alarm clock for the post-apple bloom as according to a recent study, doing so can reap a better harvest.

When apple trees blossom, the sheer abundance of flowers attracts most of the pollinators, which leaves fewer…

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Alia's love secrets only for best friends

New Delhi, April 4 :  Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt may not openly talk about her love life in the media but it’s one aspect of her life that she freely talks about to her best friends.

Alia, the ambassador of ice cream product Cornetto — which has come up with a…

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An emerging designer from Nagaland making waves in fashion scene

New Delhi, April 4 (ANI): Sense of fashion and style comes naturally to the people of northeast, especially the youngsters, be it about making a personal statement or following trends, people from the region are known for their impeccable sartorial sense.

Similarly, a 23-year-old from Zeliang community, Nagaland…

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