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Knee pain? Watch your diet

Washington D.C. [USA] Aug 11: Turns out, dietary carbohydrates could lead to osteoarthritis.
According to new findings from the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, the carbohydrate composition of diets may increase the risk of osteoarthritis in laboratory mice even when the animals didn’t differ in weight.
OMRF scientist Tim…

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Impulsive behavior during teenage can trouble you in adulthood

Eugene [Oregon], Aug 10 : Turns out, teenagers with excessively impulsive behavior struggle with addictions or other problem behaviors as young adults.
The researchers at the University of Oregon found that children who struggle with weak cognitive control at an early age are at most risk for trouble in adulthood following…

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Loose underwear may be good for sperm production

Washington D.C. [USA] Aug 9 : Turns out, certain styles of men’s underwear may inhibit production of sperm.
According to new research led by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, men who most frequently wore boxers had significantly higher sperm concentrations and total sperm counts when compared…

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Soy diet may increase bone strength in women

Washington D.C. [USA] Aug 8(ANI): Women undergoing menopause face serious health concerns including osteoporosis, decreased physical activity and weight gain.

In a new animal study, researchers from the University of Missouri now have discovered that soy protein found in food might counter the negative effects of menopause on…

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Older adults less likely to recognize their mistakes

Washington D.C. [USA] Aug 6: Turns out, older people recognize errors less often than younger ones.
In a new study, researchers from the University of Iowa devised a simple, computerised test to study how readily young adults and older adults realise when they have made a mistake.
Older adults…

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