Jacqueline wants to play Captain Planet

New Delhi, April 18: Actress Jacqueline Fernandez played the damsel in distress in the 2016 superhero film “A Flying Jatt”. Now, she wants to take a step forward and be a superhero herself. She wants to gain powers of Captain Planet to make the environment “safer, greener and cleaner”.


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Anti-cancer properties discovered in pepper plant

Thiruvananthapuram   April 18 (ANI): US scientists have discovered a chemical in pepper plant, called long pepper, having anti-cancer properties, whose medicinal properties date back thousands of years.

According to researchers, the secret lies in a chemical called Piperlongumine (PL), which has shown activity against many cancers including prostate, breast…

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UK-based jewellery brand is here to tell its Delhi story

New Delhi  April 18  (ANI): Jewels by JADAU, a UK-based jewellery brand, is introducing its Delhi story via their new collection, ‘ Murtaza.’

Stunning new pieces will be on display at the Egg Art Gallery on April 17, 2017 7:00 pm onwards, assimilating two forms of art – jewellery and…

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Planning your family? Try these Fertility Apps

New Delhi , April 17 (ANI): In this digital era where fast results and quick response to every single action has become mandatory, even a slight delay in the work results in stress and anxiousness.

This stress goes on to a new level, when the matter is regarding life and death…

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This Summer, keep sunburn at bay

New Delhi  April 17 (ANI): Summers are here and with the season, comes the vacay mode as guest.

But most of us don’t like to welcome that guest and the reason is the nightmare of getting ‘sunburn.’

Hence, Dr Alia Rizvi, dermatologist at Me Clinic- Masters Of Esthetics is…

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