Balanced vegan diet cuts heart disease, cancer risk

New Delhi  May 16 (ANI): Dear parents, you may have to include beans, chickpeas, lentils, soya mince, fortified soya yoghurt in your kid’s regular diet, as according to experts eating a balanced vegan diet lowers risk of blood pressure heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Heather Russell, dietitian at The…

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Tomato extracts can fight stomach cancer: study

London May 16 PTI   : Tomato extracts can inhibit the growth and malignant cloning of stomach cancer cells, according to a new study that paves the way for novel therapies to treat the deadly disease.

Researchers analysed whole tomato extracts for their ability to tackle gastric cancer cell lines.

“Their antitumoral…

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Energy drinks in alcohol make you feel more drunk, says study

London [UK], May 15 (ANI): According to a new study, knowing that you have added energy drinks to a spirit will make you feel that you are more drunk.

As reported by The Independent, being told that an energy drink has been added to your alcoholic drink can make you…

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Shraddha, Arjun, Chetan Bhagat make candid confessions during live chat

New Delhi  May 15 (ANI): The stars of ‘Half Girlfriend’ – Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor along with renowned writer Chetan Bhagat recently had a live chat with online audiences where Chetan announced that his upcoming novel will release next year.
The stars candidly expressed their happiness during the live chat…

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Break the 'perfect mom' stereotype with #ChangeTheRecipe campaign

New Delhi  May 14 (ANI): Each year on Mother’s Day, the world celebrates the incredibly special bond mothers share with their families.

Reams have been written, and a lot has been said thanking mothers for being the pillars of their children’s lives.

However, one finds that mothers are…

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